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  1. A fin fan told me he didn't see any of it. Yeah. Right. The Jets kicked the Fins' butts again! Glorious memory!
  2. The Jets have been averaging one win per month this season. Time for our December win.
  3. I always like rooting for underdogs. Hardly any bigger underdogs than the NYJ. Also, I really like NYC. The Jets were a pretty natural choice for me. Plus, when I chose them it was during the era of the New York Sack Exchange. It looked like the Jets were getting better. Ha!
  4. So unlike the Jets. Finally a move that everyone is not criticizing.
  5. Somebody is following him on Twitter?
  6. The thing about guarantees is that there has to be a remedy. You know, a product guarantee, for example, often comes with an offer of free repair or replacement. So what's the remedy here if the Jets don't win?
  7. The good news is that after 3 days of increasing cases, there have been 2 days of decreasing cases (with the 2nd day of decrease to be reported later today on the CDC site). And the death rate continues to decline. This is despite the ongoing throngs of protesters, beach crowding, etc. I still think there is a good chance of fans in the stands for NFL games. And that might even include opening day. It all depends on whether the new cases and deaths continue their downward trend through July and August.
  8. Not looking for a shrine or a cartwheel. But I'll admit I do want to be right. In fact, I have a fair level of confidence that I am.
  9. I am quite familiar with the journal Science, but I don't have the enthusiasm to read through the article. But did the studies discussed there involve the use of zinc? If not, they would prove nothing. Zinc may be more important in achieving effectiveness than hydroxy. The studies done by Raoult involved many more than 27 subjects. And I am not saying hydroxy is necessarily effective. But I am keeping an open mind until truly valid studies have been carried out. Not sure why you brought up Laura Ingraham, but it's not her knowledge of the subject that is important. But she has had some guests who are quite knowledgeable about it. And several of them have had favorable opinions of hydroxy.
  10. The work done by the VA was also severely flawed, as are all the other studies that have not combined the use of hydroxy with zinc, and thus concluded hydroxy, a drug that has been used widely for 60 years, is "dangerous" and ineffective. The real driving force behind trying to discredit this drug is big pharma. Hydroxy costs about $20. Big pharma is looking for a big payoff. And any physician can prescribe hydroxy, despite its lack of approval for covid, as an "off label" use, a very common practice.
  11. We have reached the point where we can agree to disagree. We will see which one of us is right as the data unfolds.
  12. Personally, I consider Yahoo News to be in the fake news category. The report you quote conflicts with the data shown on the CDC site.
  13. That's one way to look at it. A better way is to note that there are increasing cases in 12 states, decreasing or stable levels in 38 states. That's why overall cases are trending down, despite hot spots. A good case to look at is Georgia, which opened up early and opened up further than was specified in the guidelines. Georgia is stable.
  14. Actually, Raoult is a well respected expert in his field. As for the negative tests of hydroxy, those have all been discredited as shoddy science. In fact many medical professionals use hydroxy as a prophylactic , and many physicians prescribe it for covid patients. But hydroxy is besides the point. Remember all those pics of crowded beaches on Memorial Day? It's already more than 2 weeks ago. The fact that new cases continue to trend downward despite such unsafe behavior is empirical evidence that the virus is dying out.
  15. Look at the graph of new cases per day on the CDC website. It is clearly trending down. Also, I am convinced by the pandemic expert Didier Raoult, who points out that mankind has not expired due to previous pandemics. He notes the typical course of such a pandemic is that it appears, accelerates, peaks, then dies out, and this virus has already peaked (in early April for the US). Finally, Raoult states it is a "fantasy" to think the virus is coming back when it gets cold. Now clearly another expert, Fauci, thinks this still has a long way to go and very well may come back. But I will point out that Fauci has been wrong over and over again, starting with his statement in January that covid would be no worse than the regular flu; then all those wildly fluctuating model predictions; then his statement that masks would do no good then his turn around to say wearing masks is essential; then his statement that lockdowns were so important only to contradict himself to say lockdowns should not be continued too long, etc., etc. On the other hand, I have not seen Raoult contradict himself even once, and I am not aware of even a single mistake he has made...If you want to go on thinking things will continue to be horrible, feel free. As for me though, I am satisfied this thing is going away soon and will not be coming back.
  16. Not really. With the virus dying off, we only have to hope that the NFL will have the ballz to allow a season, with fans in the stands, to go forward. What with Trump restarting his rallies in a little over a week, there will be plenty of time to see if the attendees get covid before the NFL season would start. Packed rallies and fans in the stands are pretty similar.
  17. Yes, but the CDC new cases graph has been declining the last 3 days, and the general trend of the graph has been down. There are still hot spots, but this virus is TOAST. Count on it.
  18. I remain confident that the virus is petering out and there will be a full slate of NFL games. As to whether there will be fans in the stands, it all depends on what the NFL powers that be decide. Good to see the number of cases reported on the CDC site has declined the last 2 days.
  19. https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1275573/france-coronavirus-latest-news-second-wave-covid19-lockdown-updates
  20. I would say Fauci has largely discredited himself. First, consider all those wildly fluctuating models. Then he hammered on tough lockdowns for 2 months then suddenly, the other day, he says lockdowns for too long could cause "irreparable harm." As for the Southern Hemisphere, I would expect a delayed peak down there, since it was summer down there when the virus first appeared.
  21. Perhaps. But then it would also be disagreeing with the experts who I am saying have it right. We'll probably know in 6 months or so.
  22. Seems like you missed my post about this, a few posts up from yours. There are experts who say it will not come back with the cold. I think they are right.
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