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  1. Give me. A break. Party on, Sam. Next coming of Joe Namath.
  2. Yeah, but when the Fins beat them they lost to a bad team. Beating the bad teams is a start. Now let's see how they do against the Raiders.
  3. Just sayin' it's possible, so Sam isn't wrong.
  4. I remember the Browns making the playoffs one season with Bernie Kosar with an 8-8 record.
  5. I do remember that game, fondly, although I didn't see it at Giants Stadium. But I did have the misfortune to be at MetLife the next time the Packers came to town...
  6. "It's a process." Sound familiar?
  7. Not necessarily. Seems with Mac the Jets are a Best Player Available organization. If the BPA happens to be a defensive guy, that's what they take.
  8. Hey @PepPep, love your avatar. Who can forget Jumbo Elliot's TD in the Monday Night Miracle?
  9. Pats. And believe it or not, far from getting beat up while wearing Jet gear, Pat fans have actually bought me beers. OK, the last time that happened was when the Jets beat the Pats in the divisional round. It was like the Pat fans were so embarrassed by their team's performance, they felt they had to pay up to a Jet fan who I guess they thought was visiting from the NYC area. Oh well, their loss.
  10. I wonder how the vote would have gone if there wasn't all the moral outrage? I don't like the guy, but his record speaks for itself.
  11. Figured that. The confusing thing is that your post had no indication it was a published story. Just looked like something you were saying.
  12. Let's hope Gase has a different performance than Kotite.

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