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  1. YankeeJet22

    What do you think of McGuire?

    DeMarco Murray?
  2. YankeeJet22

    Jets will have new uniforms next year.

    Jets & Colts are the only teams with only one color in their uniforms. It should stay that way.
  3. What a dick comment. You're saying Bilal wasn't talented? Wtf have you been looking at? I swear some people here are just miserable asses. I wish we had a stable of players like him. Ass.
  4. YankeeJet22

    Winters is coming ❄️

    I believe that was a dump off to Crowell, who got the first down.
  5. YankeeJet22


    Jets 24 Jags 20 Marcus Maye pick6 SamCity 2 Tds to Herndon Go Jets.
  6. https://twitter.com/eallenjets/status/1042428240021938176
  7. White shirts green pants tonight.
  8. Thank you Browns. Thank you Giants.
  9. YankeeJet22

    Jet specific transactions.

    The Patriots had 19 players in for tryouts last week | Boston.com https://www.boston.com/...patriots/.../the-patriots-had-19-players-in-for-tryouts-last-w... Sep 13, 2017 - The Patriots have had 19 players in for tryouts since last Tuesday, according ... Ayers appeared in nine games for the Patriots, starting four, as the ... Quarterbacks: Matt Barkley, USC; David Fales, San Jose State; Matt McGloin, Penn State; Thad Lewis, Duke. Wide receivers: Jordan Payton, UCLA; Gabe Marks and Marquess Wilson, Washington State; Jeremy Ross, Cal. Tight ends: Ryan O’Malley, Penn; Alex Ellis, Tennessee. Linebackers: Akeem Ayers, UCLA; Nicholas Grigsby, Pitt; Antwione Williams, Georgia Southern. Defensive backs: Cody Riggs, Notre Dame; Channing Stribling, Michigan; Jomal Wiltz, Iowa State; Jarell Carter, Trinity International.
  10. YankeeJet22

    Happy Birthday Lith

    Happy birthday Lith!
  11. YankeeJet22

    One Quarterback for One Game

    Dan Marino
  12. YankeeJet22

    Tweets from Rookie Minicamp Day 2

    One more. Sam City.
  13. YankeeJet22

    Tweets from Rookie Minicamp Day 2

    ok last one. Pan-Am Sam. no?
  14. YankeeJet22

    Tweets from Rookie Minicamp Day 2

    Green Jets & Sam.
  15. YankeeJet22

    Macc: Darnold will get a chance to start.

    awesome. I woulda been miserable if we drafted Mayfield. Thank you, Lord.

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