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  1. No reason to campare or choose. We luckily have both! Loved Moore last year, and Wilson was my favorite receiver in the draft. Both have similar traits. Moore can break more tackles. Wilson can go get a higher contested pass. That's all I got.
  2. You guys here at the draft forum are awesome for me to sit back and read insightful, pure football sh*tt. I have no love for any particular school (maybe Louisville, my bros school) but love the college game for many reasons, but mainly to find my next Freeman Mcneil, Leon Washington or Bilal Powell. You guys give me a focus when scouting a new Jet. Thanks.... and carry on...
  3. So true. I don't have the actual stats but i bet the Defense had three LBers no more than 25% of the snaps.
  4. I like him as a fit as well, but JD and the coaches haven't been in any hurry to add LBers. They've had opportunities to do so both in FA and the draft, but ignored it thus far. They may just feel like the Sherwood, Hamsa, and Williams trio are going to be just fine.
  5. Zach Tom is my wish. Overview Center prospect who spent the last two seasons at left tackle. Tom was extremely impressive in pass protection at tackle despite a lack of desired size or length, but he's likely headed back to center in the pros. He plays with technique and plus body control, but his aggression level is a little lacking in the run game and his mass is below average. Tom could be a priority for teams with leaky interior protection. He has Day 3 value as an above-average backup with eventual starting potential. Strengths Excellent intelligence. Three-year starter with good durability. Makes fluid block adjustments in space. Easy slide from block to block on combinations. Good base width and hip flexion into defender as base blocker. Utilizes firm, independent hands in pass protection. Throws punch with intent and quickness. Fluid and fast in mirroring a counter. Pass protection from tackle position was eye-opening. Weaknesses Slender through his waist and hips. Catches contact at the point of attack. Needs to become more violent into contact. Below-average mass to base up against power. Needs to prove he can anchor against an NFL nose tackle. Susceptible to push-pull technique. Needs to guard against oversetting.
  6. Not a bad idea actually. Trade for two 2023 3rds for these two 4ths. Depth at LBer? Hamsa and Sherwood in their 2nd year, surely both will be more ready physically than they were last year. Free Safety? Pinnock and possibly MC2 are candidates. Let's not forget about Ashtyn Davis. Depth at S is overblown.
  7. Moving forward i would love to see them pair a Breece Hall or Spiller qith MC... but don't see JD picking a RB until the 4th rd. LBer is next on teh menu.
  8. I was bummed out passing on Thibs, and especially when the vaGiants took him at 5. But trading up for JJ made it all better. Loved Garrett Wilson from the start. I didn't think CB was a need, but i trust JD and Saleh. Sauce is a fine prospect.
  9. Gm Jetnation. I've narrowed my top 4 big board. Hutch Thibs Jameson Williams If we can't trade out, take Jermaine Johnson.
  10. I will puke if we take a CB and OL at 4 and 10.
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