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  1. I sure do hope we have another Sam Darnold. We'll be fine then.
  2. You may be right. Twitter consensus says Achilles.
  3. Been racking my brain for a pro comp for him... i got it... Frank Gore. (The younger version)
  4. The receiver lost a little speed looking for the ball.
  5. This Ibrahim sure does run hard. I like him.
  6. Forgive me. On vaca i. Palm beach. Too many Stellas on beach. I meant tmrw night. Thanks.
  7. There should be two different "ha ha " emojies. One that's a funny post. One that you're making fun/ridiculing the post.
  8. Nyjets.com streaming the game tonight https://www.newyorkjets.com/news/ways-to-watch-and-listen-jets-at-giants-preseason-game
  9. Sounds like tough love. Nothing wrong with this.
  10. Only a matter of time before Moses is moved to RG. Get the best 5 out there.
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