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  1. Understood. But let me rephrase that. Avery, with his knee, won't play specials this year.
  2. I think it's listed this way because Cashman plays alot on specials. None at all for Avery.
  3. Not surprised at all. JD wants versatile OLmen. Harrison is only a C.
  4. Can you put Lawrence Cager on that list so I can choose him?
  5. i dropped youtube tv when they dropped the Yankees. No Yankees, no youtube tv.
  6. I see it this way...If Mims and Perryman are ready for week 1, Moncrief will be cut.... which opens up a spot for Cager.
  7. Curtis Martin lost his burst around the 2001 season... and still had two 1,500 yard seasons after that. Bell has much more left. It really is all about a good line, and commitment by the coaching staff to run it.
  8. Yes! Emmitt Smith, also from UF wore 22 as well. And btw, my favorite #, was my (and son's), baseball number.
  9. KRL doesn't have Huff over Basham, he has him over Jenkins. That's an even bigger "wow"

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