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  1. 1 Darnold 2 Rosen 3 Allen My best guess of Mac's order, why he traded up. And although I prefer Darnold or Rosen, I will be fine with Allen.
  2. My two sons and I at home. Possibly my brothers. I'll invite my scummy vaGiant fan good friend... although he vowed to never watch a draft with me again after I screamed to the heavens and into his ear when the vaGiants selected my favorite player in the 2014 draft...OBJ. Hopefully the Jets wind up with Darnold or Rosen so I can save my voice and my friends ears.
  3. Poll Darnold vs Mayfield

    I'm sorry, but you Bakerfield fans are fukcking nuts.
  4. FFS

  5. Poll Darnold vs Mayfield

    Is this a serious question?
  6. FFS

  7. Chronology of Jets draft rumors

    It was also one day after Rosen's pro day. and a couple of weeks after the combine where they witnessed Josh Allen... so who knows.
  8. Chronology of Jets draft rumors

    I still believe that Mac traded up for Darnold or Rosen, hoping one of them dropped to him. And I think Allen was, and still is, his consolation prize. I don't believe for a minute that Mayfield was in his thoughts when he traded up.
  9. Gil Brandt’s latest draft predictions

    I agree, and refuse to believe the Jets have Mayfield ahead of Rosen and Darnold. Some posters here read the papers too much.
  10. Your final ranking of the 5 QBs

    1a Darnold Top 5 talent in almost any draft. 1b Rosen Top 5 talent in almost any draft 3 Allen His measurables/potential make him a top 5 in this draft. 4 Jackson mid to late 1st rounder. Super talented, but I'd be concerned about durabilty. 5 Mayfield/Rudolph/Lauletta All three are solid 2nd round picks.
  11. This. is the correct answer.
  12. The first thing I i thought after hearing of the trade up to 3 was "Awesome!! We're getting Darnold, Rosen or Allen!" Never did it cross my mind that Mayfield was an option. Not once. And I'm sticking to that.
  13. Poll: Make the Pick at 3

    Good point on Rosen. I'll add that Rosen has been pegged as intellectually advanced. He's played in a Pro-style Offense where he's had to recognize protections. I pray he's available.
  14. Poll: Make the Pick at 3

    It's more likely that Mayfield, with his style of play and with the type of offense he will have to play in, will get hurt. Rosen is a pocket passer, and the offense he will play in will protect him (hopefully)
  15. Poll: Make the Pick at 3

    Rosen, and it shouldn't be close.