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  1. I'd be prepared to choose between Bosa and Allen, but listen to offers from two teams in particular: The Raiders at 4, accepting their 2nd and 4th rounders. If Gruden is smitten with one of those two, i could see this being a real possibility. I take the one they don't. And now have a 2nd rounder. I Pray for rhis scenario. The Giants. 6th, and 17th and a 4th rounder. Take BPA with each of those picks regardless of position. DO NOT reach.
  2. YankeeJet22

    Who is Plan B at center?

    Paradis was a practice squadder as well.
  3. YankeeJet22

    RB Depth

    Cut Crowell, re-sign Bilal.
  4. YankeeJet22

    Le'Veon Bell signs with Jets

    Ben 38yrs old. Carr 26. Sam 22. Maybe they're not so dumb.
  5. Donte Moncrief would be a good addition to WRs. Only 25. Won't command too much money.
  6. YankeeJet22

    Le'Veon Bell signs with Jets

    I thought we'd have to give him 17mil per to get him. Very surprised, and pleased at the deal. He'll probably wear # 24.
  7. YankeeJet22

    MLB CJ Mosely To the Jets

    I disagree. It's clear they're sticking with the 34. Leo is needed as one of the DE's. I think he'll flourish with all this talent around him especially.
  8. YankeeJet22

    MLB CJ Mosely To the Jets

    Wow. This is a very physical set of LBers. Barr and Jenkins on the outside with Wiilliamson and Mosely inside. No one will run on us.
  9. YankeeJet22

    Elijah Holyfield declares

    What's not to like about montgomery? I would love him in the 3rd round. Btw , i recall you hated Marlon Mack a few years ago. I really liked him. Your feelings on him now?
  10. YankeeJet22

    Elijah Holyfield declares

    May I....? So i think this 2019 RB class is one helluva unique one. I tried to come up with a top 5 but just can't. My top 5 is 10 deep. Ex: David Montgomery is one of my favorites, but is he any better than the two bama kids? He can be No. 1 on my list or 8. Snell, Rodney Anderson, Hills, and others very difficult to rank. Sleeper? LJ Scott. Loved him at msu but injuries slowed his progression and rep. I want to see a couple on the Jets. I just don't know which ones just yet.
  11. YankeeJet22

    Villain's Pre-SuperBowl 2019 mock draft (With trades) Rds 1-4

    3 to 10, and pickup only a 2nd rounder? 10 to 15, and pick up only a 2nd rounder? Do you root for the Jets??
  12. YankeeJet22

    Dowell Loggains Hired as OC

    What a surprise! A HC bringing in someone he's comfortable with.
  13. YankeeJet22

    How does the NFL deal with that no call?

    Bad call, buuuut.... Brees and Saints were actually fortunate it wasn't a pick 6. The dback woulda had an easy pick if he was looking for the ball. But sure, it was a bad non call.

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