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  1. YankeeJet22

    Elijah Holyfield declares

    What's not to like about montgomery? I would love him in the 3rd round. Btw , i recall you hated Marlon Mack a few years ago. I really liked him. Your feelings on him now?
  2. YankeeJet22

    Elijah Holyfield declares

    May I....? So i think this 2019 RB class is one helluva unique one. I tried to come up with a top 5 but just can't. My top 5 is 10 deep. Ex: David Montgomery is one of my favorites, but is he any better than the two bama kids? He can be No. 1 on my list or 8. Snell, Rodney Anderson, Hills, and others very difficult to rank. Sleeper? LJ Scott. Loved him at msu but injuries slowed his progression and rep. I want to see a couple on the Jets. I just don't know which ones just yet.
  3. YankeeJet22

    Villain's Pre-SuperBowl 2019 mock draft (With trades) Rds 1-4

    3 to 10, and pickup only a 2nd rounder? 10 to 15, and pick up only a 2nd rounder? Do you root for the Jets??
  4. YankeeJet22

    Dowell Loggains Hired as OC

    What a surprise! A HC bringing in someone he's comfortable with.
  5. YankeeJet22

    How does the NFL deal with that no call?

    Bad call, buuuut.... Brees and Saints were actually fortunate it wasn't a pick 6. The dback woulda had an easy pick if he was looking for the ball. But sure, it was a bad non call.
  6. YankeeJet22

    Thoughts on Devin white?

    I don't see Jenkins as a 43 olb. He'd have to shed some serious weight, a good 30 lbs. The one guy on the roster that might be a better fit there is Luvu. Also, i thinking that Williamson can play the middle in GW defense.
  7. YankeeJet22

    What are we doing at WR this offseason

    Three teams to watch to sign Robbie are the Pats, Titans, and Colts. The Jets better tag him with a 1st round tender. No like Jordan Leggett? I thought he was much improved towards the end of the season.
  8. So, you're preparing to discredit Gase no matter what. Strategical of you to do so.
  9. YankeeJet22

    Francesa Says...

    He said all the boxes were checked with Gase. Jets wanted him. also said Todd Rhule was never offered the job.

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