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  1. Many of these 5th 6th and 7th rounders that many were banging the table for that Mac passed on will be available via waiver claims after they're cut in August. Mac seemed to have a plan to improve the team. Wesco will help the run game and thankfully replace Tomlinson. Edoga the passing game. Cashman LB depth with a chance to be a special teams monster. I didn't love the Rutgers CB either. I feel we didn't need another project CB, but if he's better than what we have it could only be a plus. Mac's made his share of draft blunders. But tell me which GM hasn't.
  2. I'd prefer a couple of offensive skill position guys. I'm done with CB and Oline. We have plenty of CBs and only thing we can add to the Oline is a C which we can add with a veteran that shakes loose.
  3. What say you? Can we can afford to trade down to mid 4th and pick up a 5th and 6th?
  4. Ok I'm convinced...Butler, then get a RB. Plenty to choose.
  5. Hey Browns fan, you still sleeping? 'Cause I was awake when Mac was killin this draft. Hows your team doin.
  6. The Pats are turning into a running team. They will have trouble running on this Jet team with the D Line & the ILBers we have.
  7. only Jet fans... https://www.nfl.com/draft/tracker/prospects
  8. Q could knock the heads off the Pats and Dolphins QBs as well... not just ours. A win win.
  9. I'd be prepared to choose between Bosa and Allen, but listen to offers from two teams in particular: The Raiders at 4, accepting their 2nd and 4th rounders. If Gruden is smitten with one of those two, i could see this being a real possibility. I take the one they don't. And now have a 2nd rounder. I Pray for rhis scenario. The Giants. 6th, and 17th and a 4th rounder. Take BPA with each of those picks regardless of position. DO NOT reach.
  10. Paradis was a practice squadder as well.

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