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  1. I understand your point about RB not being a need. At the moment we have 4 picks in the top 38. Edge, WR, CB, LB. If JD can trade down and pick up a 5th pick in that range, a RB like Breece Hall to pair with MC, can supercharge the offense quickly. I wouldn't mind this scenario at all.
  2. Very nice. My preference would be Wilson at 10 and Watson at 38.
  3. The Jets take WRs at 10 and 38. You have no say in the matter... Which two would @Paradis be pleased with?
  4. Yeah I know. I'm sure it's the more prudent thing to do, but pairing one of these two guys with MC is so tempting.
  5. Trading down and picking up an additional 2nd would be awesome to pick up a top TE, RB, and maybe a second WR. Thibs & Wilson in the 1st. Three 2nd rounders in Dulcich/McBride, Breece Hall/Isaiah Spiller and Pickens/Dotson. WOW. Great support for your young QB.
  6. I don't see JD going OL until the mid-rounds. First 4 picks will be Defense and WR.
  7. These drafts are all over the place different. JD has done well to have it this way.
  8. All JD has to do is draft 2 guys. No need to get into naming them. We all know the candidates. Then you'd have 5 + Mims. Done. No need to sign a 2nd tier FA. A 3rd tier FA that's cheap znd cuttable? Sure go ahead. But JD knows he can roll into the season with those 6 guys.
  9. No chance JD take a CB at 4. None.
  10. The Jets absolutely have some work to do at RB. The only two RBs that should be back are Michael Carter ( RB1a,) and Austin Walter (competes for a spot.) I wouldn't be pissed if they used a 2nd/3rd on a bigger guy to compliment MC. Yes, Spiller would be great. Sorry, but young fresh beastly legs are needed. A young vet FA signed to replace Tevin Coleman is a must. Coleman was fine; but they will look to upgrade. That's four guys, and then add a day 3 pick/UDFA with one of @Paradis boys. Oh, and FB Nick Bawden looked pretty good in the limited time we saw him. Bring him back.
  11. Yes he would. He can catch the ball as well. Question is, will he be there in the 3rd round. I'd hate to use a 2nd rounder on a RB.
  12. Ty Johnsons a goner. Perine too. Colemans fine straight ahead, but his knees turn jelly laterally. They need a 220lb fresh thumper ala Zamir White or whoever in the 3rd-5th.
  13. If the ultimate criteria is to have a QB lead his team to a SB victory, then Jones should be last on this list. Sure he has good qualities, but if your best quality is "not asking your QB to do too much," then you don't have a Franchise QB.
  14. No to Ben Jones. Not necessary. Here ya go @jetstream23 T Becton and Fant G AVT and Scherff C McGovern Early Draft: Edge, WR, LB, TE with 1st 4 picks. Rest of draft: OL, RB, S, Edge.
  15. D'Onta Foreman was one of my draft-crushes. He's been a bust but seems to have found himself in Ten.
  16. No effing way we take a CB in the 1st round. Dean should be a target after a trade-down in the 11-15 range. I'm good with Karlaftis.
  17. Mac Jones on this team would be laughable. Actually it wouldn't be funny. He'd be awful.
  18. If you can't score points and can't rush the passer, it doesn't matter who's playing Safety.
  19. I sure do hope we have another Sam Darnold. We'll be fine then.
  20. You may be right. Twitter consensus says Achilles.
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