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  1. If given a choice between Haha and Pryor today, id still take Pryor. Cooks in our offense would've been another Jalen Saunders. And btw I'm not knocking Saunders.
  2. Jets will cut Harvin. It's a no-brainer. Although I could see them then try to re-sign him at a more reasonable price. Something in the 3 year $12mil range. If he no like, see ya.
  3. TB has alot of youngins. He needed a greybeard in the room.
  4. I still say they have a handshake deal with Quinn.
  5. Quality post and i agree. I would take Mariota. If the Ducks win this game everyone would be clamoring that we have no shot at him at 6 and that he'd be the Bucs surefire pick at 1.
  6. Wow i never thought I'd say this but flacco is great.
  7. Go Ravens. Beat the snot outta Brady and tge Patsies. Damn cheating scumbags.
  8. Mike Maccagnan GM Quinn HC That's what it's going to be, me thinks.
  9. There's why the Jets and Bears have asked permission to interview Ravens OC Gary Kubiak.
  10. So long to Rex. Idzik is getting a raw deal IMO... if he's in fact a goner.
  11. What if these two consultants consult Woody to press forward and keep Idzik? Maybe they tell him that the HC was the problem.
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