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  1. The receiver lost a little speed looking for the ball.
  2. This Ibrahim sure does run hard. I like him.
  3. Forgive me. On vaca i. Palm beach. Too many Stellas on beach. I meant tmrw night. Thanks.
  4. There should be two different "ha ha " emojies. One that's a funny post. One that you're making fun/ridiculing the post.
  5. Nyjets.com streaming the game tonight https://www.newyorkjets.com/news/ways-to-watch-and-listen-jets-at-giants-preseason-game
  6. Sounds like tough love. Nothing wrong with this.
  7. Only a matter of time before Moses is moved to RG. Get the best 5 out there.
  8. Yes I know. But trading him relieves them of actually having to pay him. They're paying both Dalton and Fields decent money.
  9. Two things. 100% agree. Bears have to give up a decent pick to rid themselves of Foles and his contract. I actually wouldn't mind them sticking with Morgan as the backup. But then of course they'll need some coaching help. Going to throwing this out there with the sad passing of Coach Knapp. What's Jeff Garcia up to these days? I remember reading that he was interested in coaching, and he always struck me as being extremely well versed in the WCO. Bringing in a coach this late in the offseason is unlikely, but they may not have a choice.
  10. Ya know, i didn't realize Vinny Curry's salary is only $1 mil. Yeah maybe he isn't such a lock afterall. Especially at 33yrs old.
  11. I'll be disappointed if Huff loses a spot on the roster in favor of Ronald Blair who is a Saleh favorite. At DE JFM, Curry, Lawson are locks. And Zuniga and Kyle Phillips will most likely make it. So that could lead Huff on the outside looking in if Blair makes it.
  12. Happy Father's day fellow Jet fans!
  13. David Harris was slow. We coukd really use three David Harris's.
  14. Leon was really really good. If he's Leon then we struck gold in the 4th round...again.
  15. Who said he doesn't like them? Adding players to a pool of approximately 10 DBacks is adding to the competition and overall depth.
  16. JOK or Moore... unless JD gets absolutely blown away by an offer for 34.
  17. No Yankees, No Hulu. I have ATT TV. Has everything EXCEPT for the NFL Package I'm hoping they come to an agreement soon.
  18. Yeah and their backups were just as effective as they were running behind those great Olines. (Lamont Jordan, Leon, Greene)
  19. They're so damn tempting, but you really just have to look away. Everyone agrees on why it's best to not use premium picks on them, but probably the No. 1 reason to me is that RBs are at their best performance-wise AND value-wise their first 4 years in the league. They're usually not worth signing after that, because they're so easily replaceable.
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