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  1. Zachs measurables and lighting up his pro day was the best possible outcome for JD. Although i think JD might take him, i still think he trades down. Is it possible SF moved up to 3 to trade it to the Jets for a pick and a player of JD's liking? I would imagine he then could still call Carolina and trade down again.
  2. I agree. Jets first over any player. But man when a guy litters the board with Sam sucks over and over and over again, it's utterly ridiculous to start a thread 180 on the other side.
  3. You cannot say a guy sucks a thousand times, then get to start a thread defending him. I'm a Sam fan and I don't want you on my side. gtfo.
  4. Take Miami 3 18 50. They take Sewell. QBs still there to trade down again to highest bidder, maybe a Detroit Lite package. So 5 picks in the top 50!! ... and still have 3 1st rounders next year. 1 7 Chase 1 18 Oweh 1 23 Vera-Tucker 2 34 Etienne 2 40 Leatherwood 2 50 Melifonwu
  5. I agree with this and my dream is to draft Chase after a trade down. But i have to admit Pitts is tempting me.
  6. Josh Malone and Chris Hogan would like a word with you young man
  7. 1996 Jets roster was awful until Parcells took basically the same players to a 9-7 record in 1997. Shoulda been 10-6 actually. Coaching , baby.
  8. I will be shocked if JD drafts a QB. He's trading down.
  9. Yes, JD is to blame for the 51 years. But does he get credit for drafring Klecko in the 6th round?
  10. For someone who hates Sam, you seem to defend him a great deal. Btw, I enjoy your posts and respect your take the majority of time.
  11. JDs methods are not for a 1 year fix. He's doing his way and he obviously doesn't give a sh1t what twitter and messageboards think. His way will be more sustainable, rather than a mccagnan type shoot your load type of offseason. Everyone needs to get over it. I'm in.
  12. He's definitely better than McGuire, and was better than Bell too.
  13. Every one of those late round positional players that we "should have drafted," would probably be cut this year in favor of the early round players they're drafting this year. Morgan will probably stick, and continue to develop behind the starter. It wasn't a bad idea.
  14. If JD doesn't sign a FB, does that indicate Wesco is the guy? Perhaps get him a 44 jersey?
  15. I am thrilled that we're running a 43. I'm looking forward to faster mor athletic LBers an DEs that can pin their ears back and get after the QB. Looking forward to seeing what Davis can do in Saleh's D.
  16. I like. Now trade down a couple of spots, draft me some J Chase, and we'll be cooking with grease. Davis Mims Chase Crowder and Cole. Yes.
  17. Shaquille Griffin, Jamal Williams, Linsley and Samuel.
  18. JD passing on a QB at two and trading down indicates to me that he's passing on the QB market altogether, and that he's going to roll with Sam. He then will have the task of building a team around him utilizing the even more abundance of premium draft capital after the trade-down. I doubt he'll waste a pick on a QB. There are way too many holes to fill. Besides, he did that already with Morgan. So, yeah I agree with @Paradis on the 0% thingy.
  19. Na that's called a guess and a wish. I do that too. Except i have them trading down for Chase, a 2nd and 3rd rounder and a 2021 1st.
  20. Easy decision for JD. He's gonna pick it up.
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