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  1. i dropped youtube tv when they dropped the Yankees. No Yankees, no youtube tv.
  2. I see it this way...If Mims and Perryman are ready for week 1, Moncrief will be cut.... which opens up a spot for Cager.
  3. Curtis Martin lost his burst around the 2001 season... and still had two 1,500 yard seasons after that. Bell has much more left. It really is all about a good line, and commitment by the coaching staff to run it.
  4. Yes! Emmitt Smith, also from UF wore 22 as well. And btw, my favorite #, was my (and son's), baseball number.
  5. KRL doesn't have Huff over Basham, he has him over Jenkins. That's an even bigger "wow"
  6. D's looking very promising, i must say. Depth has improved aa well. QW is SUCH a key to this defense! I believe he will be very good, but hoping he can be better than that. I think Shepard beats out Anderson, and FF over Mcclendon. Hoping Bless is ready to compete, because Gregg Williams will be on him.
  7. If I were the GM of the Jets, and Baltimore called to offer Jackson and a no. 1 pick for Sam, I'd hang up them.
  8. Yes, but it's not unprecedented for hight drafted LT to start their careers at less demanding positions. Jonathan Ogden I'm sure was the best LT on the Ravens roster in '96, yet he played his entire rookie year at Guard.
  9. That's fine. I agree that Becton is good enough to start at LT. I'm excited to see him there. But from what I've read from JD, and from Fant himself, LT was why he signed here.
  10. Position flexibility is important to JD. Harrison is a C only. He won't make it.
  11. To me, all indications are that Fant will start at LT, and Becton RT until he's ready to make the move to LT.
  12. Good thread. But would Jamal be white? And would Sam come from USC or DBU? And can we rename them both Sam Adams?
  13. I see your point, for this year only. But look at it this way...It appears JD is setting this up to carry two QBs beyond this one year Flacco stint, with Morgan.
  14. I apologize. A couple if bloody Mary's.... But really, you're not a Jet fan. It's ok. Go Find your hapiness on a browns site. Please.
  15. Wierdo and an idiot. Wrong thread jek0ff.
  16. I agree. JD had more pressing needs than adding more Interior OL.
  17. He's not coming here. He'll go to a team with a chance to start. So why did JD reach out to him? Because right now they can. He's a FA and a chance to have a meet and greet visit with the future in mind.
  18. Pass. Sign Bilal. One last time. Always loved him and he's still got it.
  19. Go root for the browns fockface. Let the guy be optimistic sheesh.
  20. Great fockin post. So true. I'm very optimistic that JD has this sh1t on the right track.
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