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  1. Ryan Tanehill would have zero chance to beat out Mike White in an open competition.
  2. I seem to recall that face when the giants busted his undefeated season....
  3. I like to think the devil has a special section in the deepest depths of hell for a certain dolphins coach.
  4. I think the biggest story in that article is Texans "possibly" want Josh McCown for head coach....
  5. Mike Zimmers lady? 65 year old Mike Zimmer? Maybe money can buy happiness.....
  6. Im pretty sure Bob Kraft dives head first into his pool of gold coins. Of course, he can get a lot of "massages" to help with the pain.
  7. Perhaps the same losers that picked the Jets current unis were hired...
  8. Anyone that thinks Joe Klecko does not belong in the Hall of Fame deserves nothing less than a kick in the balls from a mule.
  9. I believe burning sage gets rid of demons/ghosts which this franchise is most certainly plagued with.
  10. Can we hire him to take out Woody & Chris?
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