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  1. He could have dropped the ball as good as the rest of them if given the chance.
  2. I will absolutely state without hesitation, Directv can kiss my ass the day the 2022 season ends.
  3. I didnt have to do anything this year. I got an email from Directv a month ago saying for being a long time customer I get Sunday ticket for free. This is the 2nd time in four years. My wife swears they are listening through the tv and hear me say "When they lose the NFL ticket we are getting rid of em."
  4. My dad was a big fan of Joe Namath. I became a Jets fan because of it. Most years I wish he would have hated Joe. Its like a damn curse. Im from St. Louis hence the screen name.
  5. For the record, this was tongue in cheek.
  6. How about Mims straight up?
  7. The fact that you listed 14 completely sh!tty moves this franchise has made, AND thats just scratching the surface makes me wonder how any of us still support this team.
  8. Only if our coach guarantees his grandpa we take him #1 overall.
  9. It might change if Woody stops trying to force feed the fans a sh!t sandwich.
  10. Shawn/Super Newb/Cookie Monsta The most elite of the elite posters.
  11. I was under the impression this was a politics free board.
  12. Its worth a shot. I went through mine a while back and found a Joe Montana rookie card.
  13. The Jets didnt cause the buttfumble dude/dudette.
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