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  1. The Jets didnt cause the buttfumble dude/dudette.
  2. "Some" in the org...When he tells the gm, coach and teammates "**** this place, I will never play here again!" I might believe it.
  3. Im possibly 100% off here but, I think I might be only 25% off. I dont believe Jax is 100% taking T. Lawrence.
  4. Its gonna play out like this 1. Jax Wilson 2. NYJ Lawrence 3. SF Fields
  5. What if the Jags take Wilson?
  6. Sadly, he was never given a real chance to save this Godforsaken franchise. Sam Darnold was the sacrificial lamb.
  7. I will assume you are joking. Id rather the Jets suck with Sam.
  8. We may also see a tweet from the Johnsons saying The Jets won 50% of the last 25% of their games so Gase deserves another year.
  9. Not gonna lie. I was anti Fields. He has (so far) made me reevaluate my thinking.
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