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  1. The Giants have a starting caliber QB?
  2. I cant get to high or to low. Following this team for 4 decades does that.
  3. Without Joe Klecko? You are F'n right!
  4. Wait...wasnt Bobby Boucher a "Water Distribution Engineer"?
  5. Agreed. However, Zach has proven you dont need to win games to screw milfs.
  6. I agree it would be great to beat the cheats. It just personally doesnt mean as much to me with Brady gone. To me, Brady is/was the pats. The pathetic cheating p.o.s. they call their head coach means nothing to me now.
  7. Bradys gone. It doesnt matter now. Its like giving a damn if we beat Miami. Griese/Strock/Marino are gone. Buffalo is top dog for now. I wanna knock them off and win the division. Yes, I know you gotta beat the teams in your division to win it. It just doesnt really mean as much as it used to to knock off the cheats.
  8. Is this true? If so, I want his agent negotiating my next contract.
  9. IF true, I would like to add a Brian Flores fan club membership to go along with my Bernard Pollard fan club membership.
  10. If you are saying prospects that suck, yes the NYJ have drafted plenty.
  11. What the absolute F is a "hob knobber"?
  12. Me too. Maybe The Jets can re-sign him to kick TB12 in the nuts 2x a year if the cheater gets traded to the fins.
  13. Hope Woody is taking notes. Maybe this is the way the Jets finally get their own stadium....
  14. I believe they are now. Maybe they always were but, in the 60s-80s it didnt seem that way. Nobody was was hugging and trading jerseys after games like they do now.
  15. I also wouldnt have a problem with those picks.
  16. Give him a couple mouthfulls of Tom Bradys "diet pills".
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