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  1. I dont care if he dominates any team ever. Just play the position competently. Zach isnt doing that at the moment.
  2. Im starting to think Moore could be the real hero of the seaon.....
  3. They look like a completely different team now. No way can I see Zach back under center unless the other 3 QBs get injured.
  4. Mike White could surpass Zachs career TD total in this game alone if he wanted to. He wont because hes a gentleman.
  5. Exactly. At what point is it ok for the coaches to sacrifice the season to see what Zac might be?
  6. Im gonna be the grammer nazi. Its Raquel. And pic.
  7. What kind of penalty would the Jets get if one of them walked to the cheats sideline and kicked billy in the sack?
  8. When was the last time being traded TO the Jets was a positive?
  9. I see what youre saying. However, Im 99% sure Marino would trade all his stats for a S.B. win.
  10. 6 games cant erase 40+ years of kicks to your balls. Its gonna take a while.
  11. This is absolutely not a knock on anyone that believes Tom Brady is the goat. In my opinion, The G.O.A.T. does not lose the Super Bowl. Let alone multiple Super Bowls. To an inferior team.
  12. Lamar Jackson sucks. Its true no matter what some think. Not elite.
  13. Where the Hell is the "post of all time" button?
  14. The Giants have a starting caliber QB?
  15. I cant get to high or to low. Following this team for 4 decades does that.
  16. Without Joe Klecko? You are F'n right!
  17. Wait...wasnt Bobby Boucher a "Water Distribution Engineer"?
  18. Agreed. However, Zach has proven you dont need to win games to screw milfs.
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