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  1. What if the Jags take Wilson?
  2. Sadly, he was never given a real chance to save this Godforsaken franchise. Sam Darnold was the sacrificial lamb.
  3. I will assume you are joking. Id rather the Jets suck with Sam.
  4. We may also see a tweet from the Johnsons saying The Jets won 50% of the last 25% of their games so Gase deserves another year.
  5. Not gonna lie. I was anti Fields. He has (so far) made me reevaluate my thinking.
  6. Screw that! Adding weeks to the season gives Gase the extra time he needs for his late season push like last year. (sarcasm)
  7. Thats fair. I loved Kenny O when he was QB, his problem was his mobility. Except for Joe, there is not 1 Jet QB I would choose to start a franchise from scratch. Its a futile execise of shuffling turds.
  8. The Jets as a franchise dont have much to speak of when talking about best QBs. I stand by my statement. After Joe, no one is head and shoulders above the rest of the shoulda beens, coulda beens and never weres.
  9. 1.Joe= S.B. champ 2. Sanchez 2x AFCCG 3. Vinny/Todd 1x AFCCG 4.
  10. 1. Joe 2. Sanchez 3. Vinny/Todd 4. Everybody else
  11. Who is the Head Coach and who is O.C. ? If its who it is now, ALL of these choices would be no better than Sam is now.
  12. Is bruce "Justin Bieber" in this scenario?
  13. Why is there no "Post of the year" button we can hit?
  14. Im hoping for a loss. I dont hate The Jets, I hate these jets. I hate what this organization has become. I hate the owners, the head coach and possibly some players. Until they fix this shizz, I want losses. Even to the cheats.
  15. It wouldnt hurt her to eat a couple cheeseburgers.
  16. In Tampa with Bowles again. Pretty sure he didnt intetview. Just got the job handed to him.
  17. Gase aint gettin any interviews after he gets canned here.
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