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  1. What gives? Sam had Bowles and Gase. Thats what gives.
  2. He did build this roster. That is 100% true. However, is it a bad roster or bad head coach who is responsible for 0-6?
  3. Its been way too long without a cookiemonsta post. Thank you.
  4. Right. Rookie Head coach banner. Kotite.
  5. If your wife Fs you as hard and as many consecutive years as the Jets have, you should be the happiest man alive.
  6. I was 9 and I was not. I was however at the Jets Cardinals preseason game in St. Louis that year. Only time I got to see Joe play in person.
  7. Worst coach in NFL history? I agree Gase has to go, but did this guy live through Kotite? Maybe Gase will pull a Lou Holtz (who also sucked tremendously) and quit before the end of the season.
  8. If not for Peyton Manning, Gase would be out of the league.
  9. Trevor Lawrence would just be the next in succesion of young QBs this orginization did not support. How about hiring a competent coaching staff first.
  10. Riiiiggghhht...Well played man
  11. The gift that keeps on giving
  12. Can we rehire him to fire him again?
  13. No one is gonna convince me the NFL didnt get a heads up on this story and go straight to damage control including payoffs.
  14. Then Im sure the Ravens would be happy to include him in a package deal.
  15. Yeah maybe. However, then we would just be cheaters still looking for a franchise QB.
  16. The Jets should always be in NY/NJ. However, I could *possibly* get behind this. 8 home games a year? Sign me up!
  17. Serious sh¡t post. You have baited Jets fans WAY better than this.
  18. You are through? For the season or forever? LOTS of people make that claim. Few if any follow up. The Jets are a drug and we are all addicts. Easier said than done.
  19. I rarely if ever agree with your posts. However, this is 100% spot on.
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