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  1. Interesting for sure. However, will he go into the HOF as a JET or a cheater with a ring?
  2. There are only so many reps in practice and preseason games. Are you saying that all 3 get the same amount? I just dont see that happening. True competition sounds great in theory. In the real world its not possible.
  3. sign me up for that. how much does cutting geno save?
  4. Possibly. If Mac still thinks Lynch is worth it they might make a move.
  5. 16 years? WTF is that? Why not 3 or 7 or 13 or whatever the hell fits your stupid argument. B.S. argument for a B.S. article.
  6. Tynes is an ass. After reading a few of his comments, thats the conclusion I have come to....
  7. Im suprised no one has been an ass and posted a pic of Joe with Suzy Kolber. My faith in humanity has been temporarily restored.
  8. Stephen Smith is an ass. Better to not pay attention to him.
  9. just root for the JETS to win. doesnt matter what those two teams do if the Jets win.
  10. Watchin on tv tonite in St Louis. Really like the base color of the jerseys! Need to lose the dark green everywhere and stick with kelly green. Also NO green pants anymore.
  11. GREAT! Our starting QB has a son named Brady. Can it get any worse?
  12. Yes it is. The news here in St Louis said he is also facing that charge.
  13. Just saw this on the news. What a F'n fool. Wasting a chance most only dream of...
  14. Id pay $100.00 for just the Jets but Im also in St Louis cant get them if its not a national game. That said I would probably continue to buy the whole Sunday Ticket package because Im also a football fan. When the Jets arent playing I watch the "best" game on at the time.
  15. Anyone know how much it would cost to hire a plane to fly a "CHEATERS" banner over Foxboro when the pats**** raise the Super Bowl banner on the Thursday vs the Steelers?
  16. This is sarcasm, right? The Jets have absolutely NO need to sign Revis. This team is not a Super Bowl contender and have NO reason to sign him. Revis is mercenary who has a place. It is NOT with the NYJ. Build for the future, dont grasp at the past.
  17. Sanchez is the chick who was a tease. You always thought you would get some and chased her for a long time. Finally you realized it would never happen and turned to someone else. Enter Geno never really teased but you thought there was potential. After awhile you realize she was screwin you over too. Time to move on...
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