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  1. Sam lays a spike right through Cleveland's heart. Giants made a mistake passing on Darnold, but Cleveland picked BAKER over him. Sam does not forget and will show Cleveland who the new boss of the AFC is.
  2. BigRy56

    Total set up

    They're setting up the wrong guys... we are going to steal Cleveland's soul
  3. BigRy56

    It’s ok if Sam sucks tonight

    He needs to win tonight and he will
  4. Very much overly negative - the Broncos, Bears, Texans are hardly unbeatable teams.
  5. The media is putting their weight behind the Browns. The Jets are hard dogs in this fight... #FakeNews Jets win 17-9 in a tough fought game between two teams on the up and up
  6. BigRy56

    2019 Cap Outlook!

    LeVeon Bell has NYJ written all over him
  7. BigRy56

    Browns game bulletin board material.

    We do this every year..... "The Browns spent had a top pick in the draft and spent 100 mil in free agency, they've got so much talent" "The Browns are so close, they're going to break through" "The Browns are building the right way" Riiiiiight. They need to prove it. It's the same sh*t, different year. If we go back to threads before our games with them in the past it's probably just the same.
  8. Can’t wait to get the Jets on the same field with them this season #EndOfAnEra #RiseOfDarnold #AFCEastChampions
  9. He also let that third and long late in the game go right through his hands. It was a tough catch, but overall underwhelming performance from Pryor today...
  10. BigRy56

    At least the patriots are getting reamed.

    Reamed so hard baby

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