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  1. Amazing to see the way talking heads have cooled on Lawrence. Reminiscent of the vibe around Darnold heading into draft day while Baker’s stock took off
  2. We have a definite need at CB but I have no idea why we wouldn’t just sign one. Go and sign Steven Nelson or Richard Sherman to hold the fort down - use the draft to protect Wilson and give him as many weapons as possible.
  3. Yes. Go back to the old uniforms. And get rid of the black uniforms.
  4. Color me surprised but how blunt Douglas is being about the situation. It's safe to say we're locked into a QB at 2? Steve Young is really plugged into BYU when it was brought up how he said we're committed to Sam? This is either a huge smokescreen or JD took truth serum this morning
  5. Really surprised how Darnold missing like 4 games a season slides right under the radar. That's a major red flag, no?
  6. Wait I thought Todd Bowles was the man now who was held back because of the Jets. What gives? Did he not coach Darnold? Strange
  7. Can’t blame him one bit - he got a raw deal here
  8. Maybe Steve Young wants to come be the Mormon Mentor for Mormon Mahomes
  9. It all depends on who really Zach Wilson is. If he is as good as he’s marketed to be, the offense will be very good and he’ll turn Davis/Mims into one of the better duos in football. He’s about to be the #2 pick in the draft. The expectation is that he will elevate the team around him, the way the really good ones do. Just because Darnold fell on his face doesn’t mean it’s not still the standard for a top 5 QB pick...
  10. Corey Davis is a lot better than he’s being given credit for. I think he’s gonna be a monster for us
  11. Another great trade for Joe Douglas in the Jets
  12. Perhaps the idea is to have Wilson take Sam’s job then look for an opportunity in August if there’s an injury to another teams QB1
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