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  1. It's incredibly easy to get caught up in the emotion of the debacle that was the last 2 weeks but the Jets will be a very enticing coaching gig. We have an apparent franchise QB and a lot of young pieces in place. Coaching has completely failed the team this year - I think the general consensus is that this team hasn't played anywhere close to its maximum potential and is more talented than its record currently says. That is why Bowles is under the gun the way he is. When you take that on top of high draft picks and a ton of free agent cash, it's not hard to see this team turning around in a hurry with the right leadership in place.
  2. I didn't say we were going to finish 6-10 but hopefully we do because that means Darnold is dragging us through the mud. I can see us winning the next Buffalo game and one of either HOU/TEN... 5-11
  3. Let's see where we're at come January. If this continues and we finish 3-13 then I don't see any way that we can keep anybody. 6-10 and I think Mac will stay
  4. What happened? Everybody loved CJ 3 months ago... Now we hate him just because he didn't fire Todd mid-season???
  5. OK time to come clean... which one of you goons is the guy who just called in and said hire Tony Romo to coach?
  6. He's escaping because he got us our QB. He could do a better job but he hasn't done a bad job and he'll always be the GM who traded up to land us Sam Darnold.
  7. Fair enough - it really means nothing to fire him right now. We all know he's gone at the end of the year.
  8. BigRy56

    It starts with talent

    Plenty of talent on this team to beat Cleveland, Miami, Buffalo, Jax.... Bowles and Co. failed the team this season
  9. This has to be it for Bowles. Can’t wait to hear reports of what the locker room vibe is at halftime. This is the worst team in the league on their 4th string QB that’s blowing you out....
  10. Can’t see Todd making it out of this week if we lose...
  11. We don’t need any coaches. Just let the kids play
  12. Gotta appreciate the fact that Sam calls it like he sees it. He played like trash yesterday. With this attitude he has what it takes to be big time here.

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