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  1. A blindside block really? And if the guy tackled him in bounds???
  2. Nice to watch other teams and pity their qb situation. Sam over everything
  3. Homeboy is extraordinarily special and we are very lucky to have him. The sky is the limit
  4. Rivera is a good head coach - I wish the Jets would dump Gase and bring him in. Instead he'll go right to the Giants
  5. We could sign a pass rusher and CB2 in free agency then address the OL in the draft as well as free agency. We're going to have plenty of money to spend after a few obvious cuts and a solid set of draft picks. Remember that this team has been destroyed by injuries - just getting healthy is a huge step. If Douglas is who he's supposed to be then I don't think it's that big of a project.
  6. Bottom line is this guy was hyped up as a can't miss second coming of Reggie White. He's had relatively little impact thus far. Hopefully that changes but right now it's not looking like it was the best pick
  7. He sucks. This division is ours through 2035 #TheSamEra
  8. Are you guys ready for this complete and utter beat down? Jets 42 Bengals 13
  9. Jets improve and score 40+ on the Bengals while holding them to under 14 points. 9-7 is on the way
  10. Extremely special and it won’t be long until we’ve dominated and won the AFC East for years
  11. This team is not losing to the Bengals. They may not lose again this season

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