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  1. With the way Spencer Long showed out as LG, we need to find ourselves a center and potentially a LT who is better than Beachum. Long/Winters at G and Shell at RT is solid. I'm not quite seeing the need for 5 new offensive lineman.
  2. 6-7 wins if the floor next year, if all doesn't go well IMO. Next season I will have us somewhere in between 8-10 wins after a big offseason and Darnold's year 2 leap.
  3. Just the massive upgrade in coaching staff should be good for a 2-3 win upgrade. GW should get the best out of all 3 players on D
  4. Too many people on this bandwagon at the moment...
  5. He's as good as this league has to offer. Nice hire for Gase & Co. and the first huge sign of maturation as Gase heads into job #2.
  6. BigRy56

    Press Conference

    What the **** was that
  7. BigRy56

    Monken to Browns

    A good mid season interim when the Browns inevitably jump back into the coaching carousel
  8. With Gase running the offense, Williams running the D, and Boyer continuing to push out good special teams play, this team should look dramatically different next season.
  9. Is there anybody who hasn’t endorsed our new stud head coach?
  10. BigRy56


    This picture is fire. The two men who will bring a Super Bowl to the Jets
  11. Are we signing position coaches without having locked up Williams or are we just waiting to announce it?
  12. This is what a lot of people would consider the 'winning formula' in a progressive vision of the NFL. An offensive head coach who will spend the majority of his time focusing on the development of a young quarterback and a defensive coordinator who is in essence the head coach of his unit. We are somewhat taking the new age approach, only instead of hiring a guy like Kingsbury we went with somebody with NFL experience and a little bit more of a track record.
  13. BigRy56

    Let's see where everyone stands

    It's a wait and see scenario. I can see both angles of this so let's see how things shake out. I'm very excited to see what somebody who has been around top-flight quarterbacks can do with Darnold. It doesn't hurt that they happen to really click as well.
  14. BigRy56

    Matt Rhule speaks as per Cimini.

    Rhule will be a good coach in the league and somebody will get lucky to have him. Totally understand the Jets apprehension because we have everything riding on Darnold
  15. The level of ridiculousness surrounding people's obsession with McVay is out of control

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