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  1. I might be in the minority here but mad disrespect on this list for Kirk Cousins and Philip Rivers here. And Darnold should 100% be in tier 4. I think the 'verdict is out' as to whether he's going to become tier 1 or not
  2. Probably not, but it will likely be a pick in the 20s - so it’s probably safe to say Ngakoue is better than anybody we might take at 24
  3. Fitz has nothing to worry about Tua won’t be actually available until midseason at best
  4. I have a really good feeling about Davis - guy seems like a natural playmaker
  5. I don’t know why everybody thinks we’d be replacing Winters. He’s Lewis’/Van Roten’s backup and will probably be cut. Winters has already been replaced... I don’t see us replacing the replacements before they even practice together
  6. Damn I’m gonna miss him
  7. Complex following the Manish playbook here
  8. The Browns got the names, the Jets got the players. I'll take that any day

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