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  1. BigRy56

    Darnold will wear Jersey # 14

    I don't imagine we'll ever see a Jet wear number 14 again. The new era is here - let's enjoy every second of it!
  2. Mac will receive another executive of the year award and an extension this offseason
  3. BigRy56

    Nathan Shepherd signed

    This guy is gonna be GOOD
  4. An elite secondary gets eliter
  5. With Sam Darnold at the helm, anything is possible. He's that good
  6. There needs to be gluten-free and vegan restaurants at stadiums. Until then I won't attend another game.
  7. Guy can't even cut it on one of the worst lines in football - get outta here Antonio
  8. Christian Hackenberg, you're fired
  9. Sam the Nickname-less
  10. BigRy56

    John Elway

    Franchise QBs cover up everything. Peyton Manning makes everybody around him look like a genius. With a healthy Andrew Luck, Chuck Pagano was a good coach. Now that Elway has no QB, he sucks.
  11. Looks like the NFL is trying to get ahead of the curve and is gonna start pulling members of what will be considered a top-level staff very soon.
  12. BigRy56

    Dolphins claim Petty

    He's probably their best QB
  13. BigRy56

    Petty Cut

    The Dolphins are in franchise purgatory right now... their roster is brutal, their QB situation is awful, their cap situation is awful. They are a candidate for the #1 pick in the draft next year.