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  1. Gonna be very curious to see if he can continue the same level of play now that the spotlight will be directly on him - and he puts it on himself a lot
  2. Does it matter who we trot out there on offense? As long as Sam is there, we have nothing to worry about. Sam is a touchdown maker by trade.
  3. Silence in the Summer and then we will explode onto the scene come September. There's a different aura around this team now
  4. The toughest one was QW. Darnold: Under. The Jets aren't going to pass enough to throw 30 TDs but I hope this happens... he'd come close to Fitz's record and lock himself in as the bonafide stud we expect him to be. As a Jet fan who's watched troubled offense/struggling QBs for so long, it's tough for me to say that our second year QB will set the Jets touchdown passing record. Bell: Over. He is everything for this offense and will get the ball a ton. Anderson: Under. I think the Jets will mix it up too much to have him break 1,000 yards. Herndon: Over. This one was easy, Darnold is comfortable with him and he's going to get a lot of looks - especially if Enunwa/Crowder can stay healthy and perform. QW: Over. I think he could be an instant breakout star but I can easily see this being under.
  5. Lmfao get used to it it’s not just hype
  6. Cannon has fumbled too many times for my liking. If we're going to get rid of anybody, it has to be him
  7. This team is ready to roll - let's just fast forward to Week 1
  8. You can see the media starting to rev up the Darnold hype train. Get ready ladies and gentlemen

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