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  1. What do we figure the trade would be - two 1’s, Xavien Howard, and Tua?
  2. The Jets do happen to do a bad job with ‘alumni’. Nothing against the guy, but somebody like Leger Douzable is a steady Jets presence? Come on… At least Mangold is on the come up. Goes to show you the type of players we’ve had recently
  3. I liked Fields a ton coming out and probably would have taken him at 2. But I haven’t been impressed by him at all
  4. I look forward to getting the Jets out on the island where they belong
  5. The race to #1 features Miami and the G-Men at the top of the race, go figure
  6. Sounds like Thibadeaux and Lindenbaum to me. Couple that with a free agent class that includes Brandon Scherff and now we are talking
  7. I think it has to be next year - no? This year is about the growth, yada yada yada... next year is put up or shut up time. Spend in free agency and compete for a playoff birth. I think if that doesn't happen, the regime is officially in question.
  8. Plug him back in at LT right away and if he struggles, consider a different path. Fant has played well but he's certainly not in the long term vision... Becton and AVT need to develop together
  9. I don’t think the Jets would get anything remotely exciting back for Marcus Maye
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