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  1. Other Week 15 Games

  2. Other Week 15 Games

    If Denver wins and we lose do we jump them in the draft order?
  3. Jets Sign QB Joel Stave

    Let's goooooooo! Joel Stave is the future - let's give this kid a chance. We need to see what we have in him before the season is through!
  4. By any means necessary. I don't care if we take a quarterback in every round of the draft this year. If we decide Cousins is our guy, then fine. But if we go in to the draft with Petty and Hackenberg under contract then we better pull the trigger on the best QB available.
  5. We just HAD to win last week!!!! Ugh
  6. The Browns are totally lost. They have no direction and currently zero hope. All of those draft picks have solved nothing for them. They're as far away from being good as a team could get.
  7. If Hackenberg or Petty were our QB, would we be looking at the Jets as 'set' at WR? Or would we probably think the guys are trash because they don't have somebody to get them the football? That means something and reasons like that are why McCown has quarterbacked this team this season. I hated the decision at first but it is painfully obvious at this point that neither Hack or Petty is the answer. They don't need a chance, they just haven't earned one.
  8. I don't know if Denver is a lock to take a QB. They have a huge need at OL and Connor Williams would be a good fit there. We are overselling the QBs in this draft. There is no way 7 teams will take a QB in the first round. You are putting your career on the line when you jump for a first round QB and I don't think 7 GMs are going to do that this year. I think the Jets will pick somewhere in the 7-10 range and will be able to take Baker Mayfield or Josh Allen comfortably unless somebody like the Bills trade up. Also, if the Skins lose Cousins then we can assume he will go to one of the teams on this list. So another one can get crossed off there.
  9. Baker Mayfield

    Baker will steal our hearts
  10. McAdoo & Reese Fired

    The Giants are a total disaster right now. It is going to be interesting to see what they do during the off-season.
  11. What do we do with Mo?

    IMO we offer him a big pay cut. Otherwise, we cut him and use his money on people that want to put in the work play in and play out
  12. This is for the best guys, remember that
  13. What if Geno does well ?

    Fingers crossed that he does. We want to leap the G-Men in the QB arms race
  14. Snacks just lost a lot of cred

    Now Mac looks like a genius again
  15. Bowles is up in the air but I don't see Maccagnan getting fired. If the decision had to be made today, I think Bowles would get 1 more year and Maccagnan would get extended.