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  1. This team won't lose out. I still believe we finish with 6 wins, 7 if we get a nice break in a game.
  2. Brutal display today... Bowles jumps right back onto the hot seat after this team came out as flat as could be on offense. The entire offense was terrible. The defense played well but the penalties need to stop yesterday. The penalties and dropped passes were brutal and all seemed to come at key times. The offensive line took 10 steps back after dominating Buffalo. Is it just a coincidence that Brandon Shell happened to be back in the lineup and they struggled?
  3. NFL 2017 Midseason Awards: MMQB

    By the end of the season I expect Adams to pull in a lot more first-place votes
  4. Sam Darnold has looked really good this season
  5. You really can’t blame the Bucs because the Jets are coming to town. This defense is a QBs nightmare and Jameis is better off
  6. Todd Bowles is coaching himself into an extension if he keeps this up. Excellent job last night.
  7. Jets D Dancing in 3rd Quarter

    Love this sh*t. We've got a bunch of young guys out there playing their asses off for each other and having fun doing it. This is the most likable Jets team since Rex's first few years.
  8. Mac was never really a question. He's done a good job here as our GM. Hold your horses on Bowles. He needs to get the team playing well to close the season in order to keep his job. We're not in that territory yet, there's still a lot of ball to be played.
  9. I don’t know if Cousins will win a Super Bowl but if you put him on this team, we are instantly in the playoff picture
  10. This team could easily be tied for first in the division with one of the better records in football. We’re not going anywhere this year but another strong draft and $100mil in free agency could put us in a great position heading into next season. You have to like the direction this team is going in. Let’s take care of that overrated #1 pick and his Bucs next.
  11. Jets are shredding. Are we gearing up for a post season push? Do we think 9-7 could get us in this year?
  12. Big props to Todd Bowles in getting his team ready to play like this tonight. Primetime football coming off a 3 game skid is never a good recipe for NYJ football. Let’s hope we keep it up and finish the football game
  13. The young guys are bringing it tonight. Whoever the next QB is will be coming into a nice situation especially after a big FA spending spree
  14. Darron Lee! Jets are bringing the pressure today on national TV