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  1. Every practice that Wilson isn’t participating in is a waste of time. Is the offense gelling? The QB calls all the shots… Is the defense being tested by Mike White? Probably not Waste of time
  2. At least we'll know if we have a competent backup. For real though - just pay Zach his money if that's what this is about. If he stinks, you don't have a job in a couple of years. If he's really good, nothing on this contract matters because he'll get a new deal early. IMO it's an easy stance to take... fighting over stuff that will likely become obsolete one way or the other and having your shiny new QB miss practice(s) seems absurd. But JD does really seem to know what he's doing so far, so oh well
  3. This is all for nothing. Does anybody think he’s really not going to sign? JD and his team won’t come to an agreement? Come on lol
  4. I mean he’s a game manager in the way that you can’t pay him to throw INTs. The problem is that you can’t pay him to stop dropping dimes for touchdowns either
  5. Seattle did this to themselves. Nuts
  6. Mims has a lot of talent but if he doesn’t stay healthy this year, I’ll be out on him
  7. Look up elite and you see JDs big bald head
  8. Wilson better sign, **** with JD and he’ll be playing for free on his rookie deal
  9. It’s going to be really weird picking at the front and back of the draft. #1 pick from the Seahawks, #32 for us. First time it’s happened?
  10. Just your average Long Beach weekend… on the plus side it looks like he will still be able to jam WRs at the line of scrimmage. Special shout out for rocking the UGG slippers
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