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  1. It's magnified for us/every other team in the AFC East because the division race is over before the season begins, but yes it is very much time for them to go away
  2. Nobody is about to drive to New Jersey to go watch Sam Darnold and the Jets play the worst game of all time
  3. ESPN's MNF broadcast in general is really bad, regardless of the who's playing
  4. This game was terrifying but the Jets are not drafting another QB this year or next. It's just one game and overreactions are warranted because this one game was that bad, but Sam will get plenty of opportunities to rebound. He needs to rebound in a big way.
  5. This could be the game that gets Gase fired. Completely inexcusable - the team is healthy and should at the very least been competitive throughout the game. They looked like they hadn’t practiced together all year
  6. Damn... our golden boy stunk up the place, we’re about to get shut out, and the stadium is rocking with Pats fans. This is a very low point for our Jets
  7. Just wait until we have to look at Minshew’s mustache for 60 minutes
  8. What in the world happened to Sam Darnold??? It’s like the team didn’t practice all year

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