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  1. If somehow we came out with the #1 pick regardless and took Trevor / Jaylon Waddle in the top 10, that’s a bigtime talent jump on offense
  2. I mean that first round pick is a top 10 pick. If they offered that I’d make the trade regardless of whether we’re going to have the #1 pick and draft Trevor or not
  3. I think that as long as the current 1 win teams have 2 wins before we come off the bye in week 11, we’ll be good. There’s no way we could possibly miss on the #1 pick when everybody has a 2 win head start, right?
  4. The Falcons are a major problem. Trevor is from Georgia
  5. We are going to be sitting on a lot of cap money. A guy like Joe Thuney would do the OL a lot of good
  6. I’m sure this is going on with every team but I’m also glad it’s the Giants that are getting caught
  7. All the kid has to do is win a couple of games. Take us out of the #1 pick and he’s starting for us next season
  8. Pathetic. The Giants are just as bad as we are

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