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  1. I am confident that, in this year, the QBs are that good. The Jets will do well no matter who we pick.
  2. Rosen too much a risk?

    Rosen is a professional QB - bottom line. If he is there, he has to be the guy. He also has the DGAF attitude to deal with us idiotic NYJ fans and the NYC spotlight. He was born and bred to play for the green and white.
  3. Future Cap Room

    I can’t wait to not spend 120 million next year
  4. Allen Hurns Released

    Josh McCown signs at Chick fil a just give hurns his money who cares
  5. Tell me when it’s time to worry.

    Incarcerated Bob!!!!!!!
  6. Will giants take Barkley?

    Have there been any legitimate reports of the Giants taking a QB? I don't see them... they are either going in another direction or this is the greatest smokescreen ever
  7. The "I know we will Draft _____ because ______ " Thread

    I know we will draft great because Maccagnan
  8. OBJ got knocked the - out!

    Into the concussion protocol he goes
  9. OBJ got knocked the - out!

    Giants gotta love this guy
  10. So what now for the OL?

    Wesley Johnson's performance at center had a direct impact on the rest of the OL, and they weren't even that bad last year. I would like to improve more, but we don't have a bad offensive line. I think we are middle of the pack.
  11. Do you agree?

    Watson played a few good games and got hurt..... so did RG3. If Rosen plays 5 good games next year but blows his ACL mid-year, do we think JetNation will think we're set at QB or that we screwed up?
  12. Mac will be a 2x executive of the year
  13. Loving Josh Rosen (merged)

    The Pride of Great Neck!