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  1. BigRy56

    Jets add two more names to GM search

    Star studded cast baby lets go
  2. As long as Gase doesn’t do what he did in Miami and alienate his players (which he’s not off to a hot start...), we'll be on track for the 10 wins that a lot will project. In the end the fate of this team falls on Darnold
  3. BigRy56

    What is more disappointing?

    If Mac was going to be fired, it should've been with Bowles. Firing him and to give Gase all of this power is insane. Obviously, all of these rumors can't be true, but if Gase is anywhere near as nuts as he's being painted out to be (like trading Bell) we're going to be begging to have Mac back.
  4. The guy had zero future on this team and probably wouldn't have made it through camp. Might as well get something for him
  5. BigRy56

    FIRE GM ___________ Now!!!!!

  6. Big no to DJ at GM but if Joe Douglas brought Jeremiah with him as his right hand man then I am good with that
  7. BigRy56

    Mac fired!

    The only way that this is a good move is if we upgrade GM with Douglas. Otherwise, this is a disaster and incredibly bad timing.
  8. BigRy56

    Mac fired!

    This is beyond foolish. Fire Mac and hand the keys to the franchise to Adam Gase???
  9. BigRy56

    Adam Gase press conference

    Mac and Gase sitting in a tree
  10. BigRy56

    Sam Darnold vs Joe Namath

    Probably not this year. His TD to int ratio will improve drastically but I think Gase will take a balanced approach with playcalling

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