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  1. Garbage. Unbelievable how they run that trash organization - perennial bottom dwellers
  2. BigRy56

    Sterling Sheppard

    First round pick for Sterling Shepherd? What? He's not even worth a second, or probably a third....
  3. We could CRUSH Washington to move up from #15
  4. This is why this was a great trade. This dude wants it
  5. BigRy56

    CJ Mosley Contract Details

    This guy will have a gigantic impact on this defense. He is REALLY good and worth overpaying. Nice contract
  6. BigRy56

    Josh Kline, G released.

    Titans fans hated him. So take that for what it's worth
  7. BigRy56

    We’re good, luv.

    So odd
  8. Man the Dolphins are in it deep. Miami and NYG are the new low bar, while the Jets and Browns are ascending... go figure!
  9. BigRy56

    Golden Tate to Giants

    Oh hell yeah! What a move for the G-Men
  10. He's right. Bell is a better RB than Martin was - Martin just did it for a longer period of time.... Bell could be on the same pathway if he can put together a long career.
  11. BigRy56

    Trading out making less sense

    I think we should sit tight and take the pass rusher. We've waited far too long for a QB hunter. Bosa or Allen would be a fantastic grab and complete the front 7
  12. BigRy56

    Teams calling about CB Trae Waynes

    Oooooh I would like this move
  13. BigRy56

    Teddy B meeting with Miami now

    Lol homie has a death wish does he not know we just sign CJ Mosely?
  14. BigRy56

    CB Poole to visit jets

    Reading that he's a solid player. Seems like an upgrade over Skrine, for sure.
  15. Can he play center? Or is he strictly a guard?

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