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  1. Tight End University went big game hunting for QBs this year and finally landed one
  2. Cosmo Kramer, the assman
  3. A high chance I would say. If they were willing to drop 25mil on Deebo, they have money to go after anybody they want
  4. A lot more of an even matchup than Jets Packers of last year. Hopefully that will give us some interesting reports
  5. Jets sign all pro pass rusher
  6. Over/under is .5 TDs given up by Sauce this year. Take the under
  7. Welcome to Sauce Island
  8. 19 sacks and a holdout for 20+mil in February, lock it in
  9. BigRy56


    Sauce will have a better career than KT. At the end of the day I think Sauce may end up being the best pick of the draft. Love that dude's game
  10. The over is easy money. I’m not surprised at all there - if I bet on sports I would make that bet 100% of the time right now
  11. Something like 25 TDs, 12 INTs, 5 rushing TDs, 3 fumbles and 7-9 wins
  12. Jets could possibly open 3-0 if Watson is suspended week 2
  13. All of that Deebo Samuel money has to be spread out somewhere
  14. JD knows what he is doing. If the Jets show upward trajectory this season, he’s here for the long term
  15. Replacing MCII at nickel would be crazy. He did a great job as a rookie last year. IMO it's Sauce, Reed, MCII. Hall & Echols back them up. When you look at it, that's a really deep group. Quite an upgrade over the offseason
  16. Shine that light bright let’s get these taxes lowered
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