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  1. Philly could easily catch an L here. They lost to the Giants and I don’t know if they’re a better team than us at all
  2. He'll get until the end of next year for me - same as Sam. If he hasn't progressed in a good way by the time we hit year 3, he's a bust and get him outta here
  3. It was a bad decision but that’s OK. Zach recovered and the team got the win
  4. What cannot be swept under the rug is that the Jets were able to win this game without an elite QB performance and Zach was able to get enough done to pick up the win. For a lot of QBs of Jets past, losing was a habit. No matter what Darnold did, he always wound up losing. I’m not saying that Zach is the second coming but this win does matter.
  5. This was the first game of the second half of the season for us and we picked up the W. There’s a winnable 4 games in front of us and today was the first step in stacking some wins together
  6. Jets have the Eagles, Saints, Dolphins, and Jaguars coming up. I expect a 2-2 split
  7. Probably because he’s got a bum leg. Just take the W - everybody did what they needed to do today, including Zach
  8. Great win. Zach bounced back from a rusty start and the defense played well. The run game shined as well
  9. Coaching is the reason we’re in this game. Nice drive by MLF
  10. This is the kind of game that’s going to fire up the fire ___ war wagons
  11. As a side story - Jordan Jenkins... didn't he go to Houston? How is he doing? Revenge game?
  12. I think we are looking at a 350 yard, 4 TD day from Zach today
  13. I think we need to be thinking about who is going to trade their 1st for Mike White - Lions maybe?
  14. I didn’t mind them at first but I never thought they needed to be changed in the first place. Now they are just associated with terrible football. Get rid of them ASAP
  15. Pretty nice. I wonder if he has pedal extenders
  16. He is starting to ascend at a rapid pace. We could have a real WR1 on our hands
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