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  1. This is his big off-season. I think that this year JD will either cement his place as long term GM of the Jets or it’ll be the beginning of the end for him and he’ll get fired after 2023. We’ll see - I think Douglas has the goods, but there’s a lot riding on the next 3 months
  2. It has to be up there - that was a crushing loss. It’ll be interesting to see how it impacts the franchise moving forward, especially with all the upcoming big changes. It was either their moment and they blew it, or one of those games that sets the narrative for big wins moving forward.
  3. They should just keep playing full quarters. But the Bills have no right to complain
  4. We always get carried away with this stuff after games like this. Last night was one of the better playoff games of all time, it’s not the norm. Just like Rams and Chiefs that everybody went nuts over a few years ago wasn’t. Last year the Bucs won with a great pass rush and defense in the Superbowl. I’m not saying that having an elite QB that scores touchdowns in a minute isn’t the foolproof answer in the NFL, but it’s not the only way. The Jets already beat the team the Chiefs earned the right to play against in the AFC Championship with a third string QB… they aren’t light years away
  5. The Bills coaching staff will be taking a beating tomorrow. That game was theirs
  6. It’s really about Mahomes. The rest don’t really matter (yet)
  7. Heart breaker for Buffalo. They are about to go through a lot of turnover in their coaching staff - it’s going to be interesting to see what they look like moving forward. This feels like a huge missed opportunity. Josh Allen is one of the most easy to root for guys in the NFL.
  8. Really interesting game plan by Buffalo
  9. If JD and Saleh can work some type of voodoo to net Davante Adams, that would be great
  10. Bucs win tomorrow and they walk though SF. Book it
  11. Wow - get the hell out of here with this game
  12. 49ers offense playing like they are feeling the cold for the first time
  13. Yeah I think they have got to change the QB. Why not strongly consider Rodgers, Wilson, etc.? If they’re going to be available the Titans should be involved and be ready to overpay IMO. Their window will slam shut with Tannehill
  14. That was a good game. Tannehill is what he is - the Titans will be good and relevant with him at the helm but never win a Superbowl. They’re kinda in no man’s land. Burrow looked OK, hard to look good when you’ve gotten sacked 9 times. He will need to get the ball out faster next week and of course the OL needs to show up. Regardless of what happens I don’t think Cincinnati has anything to worry about at QB moving forward.
  15. We’re gonna learn a lot about Joe Burrow this quarter
  16. I think the Bengals need to successfully run the football if they’re going to win this one
  17. The Titans are such a fun team to watch. Tough football team
  18. No issues with the Thibs pick. A CB would be helpful, especially with the assumption that we’ve addressed the safety spot in a big way, but I don’t know if I’d find it an exciting pick
  19. I think the Jets take Ekwonu or Neal if he falls. They can start at RG and move to RT when Fant’s contract expires… or worst case, Becton can’t stay healthy and they start at tackle sooner than later. With that said, if either Hutch or Thibs falls I don’t know how they aren’t the pick.
  20. TRADE! Go into the draft with as little needs as possible. Do not bother drafting a WR in round 1 this year
  21. A great move for the Giants. Who knows how good Joe Scone is but the Bills did things the right way - so that’s a good start for them. It’s also nice to see the Bills getting hit. Here’s to hoping their OC and DC get head coaching gigs over the next few weeks as well!
  22. That’s a no from me. This is pretty much the only pick JD could make at 4 that I would 100% hate
  23. I’m a big ND fan and he is a really really really good football player. An immediate plug and play impact starter. If we hadn’t done what we did with Jamal, I’d probably be pounding the table for him. Wherever he goes, he’ll be an all pro player. If it’s the Jets, so be it.
  24. 10 years ago I would’ve banged the ‘Tom Brady is a ____’ drum just as loud as anybody but as this point, anybody who says he isn’t the greatest to ever play is just kidding themselves
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