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  1. Sounds like Thibadeaux and Lindenbaum to me. Couple that with a free agent class that includes Brandon Scherff and now we are talking
  2. I think it has to be next year - no? This year is about the growth, yada yada yada... next year is put up or shut up time. Spend in free agency and compete for a playoff birth. I think if that doesn't happen, the regime is officially in question.
  3. Plug him back in at LT right away and if he struggles, consider a different path. Fant has played well but he's certainly not in the long term vision... Becton and AVT need to develop together
  4. I don’t think the Jets would get anything remotely exciting back for Marcus Maye
  5. I haven’t stopped doing bicep curls since
  6. Team played better in the second half but you’re not gonna win anything playing 2/4 quarters
  7. Quincy Williams trending to become my new favorite Jet. That’s how you play football
  8. Everybody remember when he turned down the Jets interview request and Giant fans laughed about it? Graham should’ve taken it - maybe he gets lucky. Now he may not have a job in January
  9. Damn. Well I look forward to drafting him at 32 in 2023
  10. Is Bijan draft eligible this year? He can play
  11. WTF is with everybody ducking Bryce Hall? Time and time again... Revis 2.0
  12. Joe Douglas is rewarding effort and production, not draft position and names. This is an enormous culture shift
  13. Tag him again. Nobody is trading anything big for him. Just keep tagging him and then let him walk
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