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  1. He’s not wrong. We’ve toyed with the idea but never actually saw it through. Idzik started his process but never saw it through.

    I think the plan involves us pushing our chips in during this upcoming free agency class and then supplementing that with 4 high draft picks. If JD hits again like he did last year, this team is going to take off.

    This year sucks, but you can see the vision taking shape a little bit

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  2. 18 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

    So Flacco comes out and wins and looks good.  And you are saying put zac in next week?

    Of Flacco comes out and looks like garbage and the jets get destroyed with mike white on the bench.

    Nothing good can come from this move at all.

    Yes - IMO this is Zach's team. White, Flacco, whoever… they are just holding the fort down for Zach to come back. Now obviously I’d prefer for Mike White to start and win so we can feel like we have a young backup, but all that matters is winning the game. White did a good job against Cincy.

    We aren’t tanking now that we have Zach and if Joe Flacco gives us the best chance to win this week, so be it. Just win the game

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  3. A lot of people getting carried away with this whole situation. Flacco needs to go out and win on Sunday, then Zach will come back.

    Kill the Jets for not having a vet QB the whole time, but starting Flacco doesn't seem like the biggest deal in the world. Just media trying to drive up clicks and the NY media has absolutely nothing else to talk about when it comes to NY Football so...

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