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  1. Imagine being a Dolphin fan watching Herbert
  2. I think the Jets will be favored in London next week. Heading into the bye at 2-3 with a beatable Pats, Colts, and Bengals team on the horizon would be a great spot considering how we started
  3. I look forward to Zach Wilson’s manly meth head phase
  4. Man if only he could make a defender appear by waving his hand like that. Baby steps, it’s a process
  5. He played with his head on fire - the definition of a Saleh player. Plus he rocks the best number in sports. I’m a fan
  6. Right on cue! Jamal Adams let’s Deebo go free for a 76 yard touchdown
  7. Huff has the worst pass rusher number of all time but he can get after the QB
  8. Largely a non factor. 2 catches for 17 yards. One 11 yard grab that keeps the Mims dream alive
  9. Never a doubt. Big Zach is about to bust onto the scene
  10. Sound the upset alarm ladies and gentleman
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