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  1. The only way to beat the Bills is to hit Josh Allen and take him out of his rhythm. He is prone to mistakes and those will have to happen if the Jets want to win
  2. IMO - if DK does get traded, it almost has to be to the Jets. Give up both 2's for him like we were prepared to do with Hill or give up #10 and try to package the 2's to move back into the middle of the first. Either one works
  3. It wouldn’t be the path I choose but the Jets would have zero secondary issues on paper coming out of round 1. That would be a massive improvement + Lawson is coming back
  4. Establish the run and run the play action game to let Elijah Moore cook X and Byron Jones again
  5. I could 100% see Hamilton being the pick at 10 if he slides and JD has secured a WR via trade. I wouldn't hate it, especially if Sauce was off the board
  6. Truly feels like the Jets will not overthink things and take Thibadeaux at 4
  7. Gonna be iconic after he wins his first championship. Zach Willy
  8. Of course they are - he just got hurt last year... should he come out and get hurt again for the season, then I think things change
  9. I feel like the Tyreek Hill situation puts us up against Miami week 1. The NFL may try to re-heat up that rivalry
  10. Don’t like it at all. If you can’t stop the opposing offense you don’t deserve the W. Defense does count
  11. Well here’s to hoping he’sa Jet. We need talent like him right now
  12. Meanwhile Daniel Jeremiah has Garrett Wilson as his #5 overall prospect in the entire draft
  13. This would be an interesting strategy. Give up our 1 next year then load up in the draft this year, maybe recoup a 1 next year in a trade back. I think I like it. 4 picks in the top 38 and getting DK for the price of next years 1 could bring back dramatic returns in the W column if JD picks well.
  14. From what I remember I think he has started to come on a little bit the last couple of seasons. Nothing 3rd pick worthy, but can be a good DL for us
  15. The Jets are going to have a very strong OL next season
  16. I like DK Metcalf a lot and always think of him chasing down Budda Baker on that pick 6 whenever I hear his name. The ultimate hustle play right there. That said, he definitely sends off some big-time diva vibes. I wouldn't hate the move at all but I'm not sure I would all-in love it. DK does seem like the most likely receiver to get traded. If JD can somehow swing the same compensation package that he did for Hill, then I think that trigger gets pulled in a hurry
  17. Enjoy it now while the draft is a month away. Just wait until week 4 next year when we start again
  18. Never too much baby. Sauce is a Jet in a few weeks
  19. I want to see DK farmer walking Big Bust 77 around the gym
  20. I would prefer AJ Brown to DK Metcalf. DK strikes me as a guy that could be a problem when things aren’t going well
  21. I would still be shocked if it happened and truly highly doubt it will, but is there any better WR fit for us than AJ Brown? Him and Davis were phenomenal in Tennessee together and he is best friends with Elijah Moore. Instant chemistry
  22. Looks like a really good signing to me. I think he would be an upgrade over Pineiro but let the best man win
  23. Let the cryptic tweets begin
  24. I think I’d rather us stay at 4 and 10 then go trade back up
  25. Interesting. Continual smoke here and something to follow, I guess
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