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  1. This has a huge Zach win all over it. 500ish yards and 4ish TDs
  2. Once this comes out you know he’s getting traded. Only a matter of time now - this is a leak
  3. I expect us to run the ball down their throat. 200ish yards rushing setting up a huge day for Big Zach. 400ish yards passing
  4. Darnold is done and so is Carolina. Pack it up
  5. I see Mangold rising on social media and getting involved with Barstool. He’s becoming more and more popular - he will get in eventually
  6. It did look rock solid on Sunday. Against Carolina it was a whole other story
  7. It did look rock solid on Sunday. Against Carolina it was a whole other story
  8. I miss Rex Ryan, he was fun. The Jets haven't really been all that fun since he left
  9. Outside of Zach, this draft has shown up pretty well so far
  10. I did love me some Tee Higgins heading into the draft. He looks good over there in Cincy
  11. Vegas with the over/under at 6.5 Sam INTs. Does he suck?
  12. The Broncos and Teddy B have yet to go up against a top 10 defense. That changes on Sunday and I think they will struggle. It all comes down to Zach. This Jets team overall is good enough to go out and beat the Broncos, but is Zach ready to go win a game? Or will he throw the game away like he did on Sunday?
  13. The defense has been fantastic overall and I'm not surprised to see them top 10 in total D. There are only 2 plays that stand out to me as bad and that's the Robby TD and Damien Harris' TD run. For the Robby TD, we were fresh off an injury and Joyner's replacement got taken advantage of. Harris' TD run is inexcusable - that was really bad.
  14. I think the Jets have been punching above their weight in terms of defense so far. Coaching IMO so far has not been the problem. With Gase it was a huge part of the problem
  15. I dunno… the cornerbacks have been pretty good and we didn’t miss Becton due to prepared OL depth. Zach Wilson stunk up the joint yesterday - we didn’t lose for any other reason besides that.
  16. Will Jamal Adams cost the Seahawks the game? Stay tuned
  17. It’s like deja vu with these first round defensive lineman. While Washington is regularly destroying QBs with theirs. My head hurts
  18. My issue is that I didn’t think that Wilson had a dud like this in him. Seeing him play the way he did today is very deflating and I think changes the image of him until proven otherwise
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