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  1. At least we know if the DK market opens up, this will still likely be the outcome
  2. Interesting... so close. Would've been huge to get Hill and keep our picks
  3. I think the Jets may be locked into CB / EDGE in round 1 now. Need to play a little keep up. Maybe take another look at Gilmore / Mathieu so we can rest easy in the secondary
  4. An interesting side story to all of this is going to be how does Mahomes look now without his ace? I think we could see a pretty decent falloff. I don't know if the Chiefs win that division anymore
  5. Great. Then the Jets head into the season drafting a 'high upside WR' from the draft, who of course needs time to work through rookie growing pains as he inevitably gets used to the NFL. What could go wrong
  6. Right now it's bottom 10 in the league. Hill would've made it potentially top 10 (pending Moore surging), DK would do the same. JD has to make something happen
  7. I don't know, price drive up or not... the Dolphins just took a leap over the Jets in terms of where they project in the East. The Dolphins did the right thing here
  8. The pressure continues to ramp up on JD. He's either got to make a move for a guy like DK or he has to hit several home runs in the draft. Trying really isn't good enough at this point. The Dolphins just took a leap directly over us, regardless of their QB situation
  9. Go ahead and offer #10 to Seattle for DK. I don't want to hear about cap space any longer please
  10. Major miss for the Jets. The Dolphins could be a dangerous team in the East now if Tua can pick things up
  11. Man... this would be an all-time flex by JD if it happens
  12. This HAS to happen. **** money, **** draft picks. Hill is ELITE
  13. If Joe Douglas loses Tyreek Hill to Miami then fire him right now
  14. Trolling but he needs to cut it out and put the blinders on. On the other hand, that loud minority on Jets Twitter bashing him every day is embarrassing
  15. Sauce is going to be an all-pro, so I’m in there. Why are people down on Drake London now? Because he didn’t run at the combine? His pro day is tomorrow and he can wow everybody then. People were wishy washy on Wilson until the combine, now he’s the guy for everybody. Not saying London is better, just that don’t discount him being legit just because we haven’t seen him run live yet
  16. Before people hype up the Dolphins signing Armstead, imagine if the Jets gave a big contract to a 31 year old LT who’s never played a full season
  17. It's all fun and games until Zach and Michael Carter line up with 9 OL out there. Try to stop the run now
  18. JD is backloading these contracts in an interesting way... makes you think something is in the works. I hope so but it's probably just flexibility to make something happen that won't
  19. I think we are looking at 2 OL in the 2nd. Following the Ekwonu pick, that should wrap things up
  20. I'm not saying that he was wrong for doing so - I'm sure it was nice to go win a Superbowl... but from the pure Jet fans perspective I think it is what it is. He's still a hall of famer that was a born and raised Jet, it's just unfortunate that he left and got a ring with Belichick and Brady - just traitorous. If Brady had left New England and won a Superbowl with the Jets instead of Tampa Bay, I bet they'd feel similarly
  21. Revis damaged his image as an iconic Jet by going to our arch nemesis and winning a Superbowl. Had he not gone to New England, he might have his jersey retired here and he’d be a Jets legend in everybody’s mind. So while he is a Jet and he is going to go into the hall as a Jet, there’s a little asterisk for Jet fans IMHO
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