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  1. The Saints injury report looks rough. Kamara is back but they’re going to let Hill try playing with that finger again and it looks like they could be without both starting tackles and pass rushers? Tough
  2. There’s really no positive spin to put on this trade from the Seahawks perspective. Yes they got a household name and that’s great… but do we think that if the Seahawks decided they wanted to move on tomorrow that they could even get one first back for him? That’s how bad this trade was IMHO
  3. Yeah ok Zach is about to lay it down long dick style on Sunday
  4. I can’t understand why anybody would OK a trade to the Giants at this point. They’re a dead franchise
  5. I think he is more in play if the Seahawks continue winning. Jameson Williams officially caught my eye last week and I think he's a sleeper pick for the Jets with their second 1. Presumably we'll be losing either Cole or Crowder (or both), and adding a young potential stud to pair with Moore / Davis could be the move
  6. I wouldn’t even entertain an extension now. He’s got another year and the 5th year option right? Let him go through the next two years playing for a contract
  7. It’s still unreal that JD was able to pull this one off
  8. It’s insane that the Pats have implemented this game plan and it’s actually working. Jones has 1 pass all night?
  9. The Jets. The Giants are in for a really long process and they haven't even started yet
  10. Seeing Mac Jones in his sissy cold weather gear is all I needed to see. Bills by a million
  11. My challenge to Zach to change the narrative on him heading into the off-season would be simple - end the year with more TDs than INTs. Right now he’s -5… change that and we are moving in the right direction. At least break even.
  12. Looks like the Rhule era is ready to go down in flames
  13. Tough blow but he’s missed a nice chunk of the year so far and when he’s been in he hasn’t seemed like himself. It’s probably best for him to cut it now
  14. The Jets will obviously need to overpay, like every team, but I’m confident that players will want to come here when they talk to Saleh. He will be a serious asset this upcoming free agency period. From the JD perspective, this is it. He’s drafted pretty nicely and punted on free agency every year and that’s why we haven’t had a fast turnaround - no more of that sh*t… time to push the chips into the table and go all in.
  15. The OL has been a nice surprise and credit to JD for changing what was our weakest unit into one of the better units on the team
  16. Not sure why we didn’t sign him in the first place. He’s been in the league for a while right?
  17. I guess we can pretend like opposing teams don’t laugh at every HC putting up a fit on the sidelines. What do we think they looked at a guy like Bill Cowher in terror?
  18. I’m feeling good about JD being the guy. He has yet to push his chips in yet on this team - this off-season is it. Time to spend the money, it’s the only way to win and expedite the rebuild he has put into motion
  19. A lot of unnecessary heat today for Zach. 225 and 3 touchdowns is a good thing. This loss is on the defense and it’s not even close to a discussion
  20. Horrid game for these refs. How can the NFL fix this?
  21. Zach had a great first half. 3 touchdowns… He’s playing lights out but we are still losing. isn’t this what everybody wanted?
  22. I won’t be surprised if we hear a story that the Jets beat up this new kicker with soap in socks tonight. What the **** is this sh*t
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