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  1. This OL could be downright dominant with Mount Becton aka Mr. Pancake returning. Scary
  2. Jets are going to blow the doors off of Philly. Jets win by 24
  3. It’s up to the Fighting Irish to dethrone Alabama. It always had to go down this way
  4. Continuity is important and the Jets OL has been pretty solid. I think we will get a new RG but the rest of the spots have been good
  5. The Jets win this one and I think the score makes it look closer than it actually was 27-20 Jets win
  6. A haul of Hutchinson and Stingley would certainly be transformational for the defense, but of course it’d be preferably to go offense. If that’s the way this is gonna go, JD needs to go all in on offense in free agency. Brandon Scherff and Allen Robinson?
  7. It is on Zach. The OL is fine, the run game has been improving throughout the year, and I would argue that the Jets receiving corp is above average when healthy. I have actually been impressed with MLF as well. There’s no TE to speak of but by all means Zach has no excuses outside of him being a rookie.
  8. Aidan Hutchinson is that dude and we’ve got to have him… but it is semi depressing to see no offensive juggernauts at the top of the draft. Where’s our Kyle Pitts or Jamar Chase?
  9. They definitely are... keep grinding and go beat the Eagles - that will be a nice statement
  10. Man if the Jets find themselves with 2 picks in the top 5 this off-season will be a lot of fun
  11. This is the game for the Seahawks. They are playing like their season is on the line - if they lose this game the wheels are falling off and they’re gonna pack it in
  12. Ryan Griffin doesn’t drop a touchdown pass on a nice throw and nobody is talking about a down performance for Zach
  13. Unfortunately I think the only takeaway non-Jet fans would have from the Pats games is that he threw 4 picks in one and got hurt in/missed 4 games after the other
  14. It's not incredibly surprising. The 2 games against the Patriots destroyed any positive narratives about Zach. He's going to need to reverse that narrative with games as impressionable as those were (in the opposite sense, of course...)
  15. Philly could easily catch an L here. They lost to the Giants and I don’t know if they’re a better team than us at all
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