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  1. Wow Jets gonna wax Green Bay on the road next year. Gimme the W
  2. We all need some Cox in our lives
  3. Fletcher Cox??? Ok then. Lawson, Q, JFM, Cox, and #4 would be one of the most violent lines in the NFL. Jets would have the best OL and DL front in the East
  4. Joe Douglas is a professional. Good stuff
  5. You would have to think it would be for either a WR or pass rusher. I would say the Jets still have a need at LB, S, and maybe CB... but WR and EDGE are the only two spots that we need a real upgrade at
  6. How much $ are the Jets sitting on now - do we know?
  7. Seems like a pure depth guy but he’s put some good stuff on tape
  8. Haven’t heard much about Coradelle Paterson. Landing him and taking a WR top 10 might be a nice boost
  9. Man if JD trades for Hunter the East is ours
  10. How much $$$ do we have left? There’s still a lot of good players out there
  11. Man the New York Jets have 2 legit starting caliber tight ends? Let’s go! We just need that WR1… A Rob would set this offense up with no holes heading into camp
  12. Wow!!!!! That’s a desperate reckless move for a 33 year old pass rusher
  13. If the Jets did that, this D would have insane potential. Couple that with the OL that's been put together with Michael Carter and we may have a Rex Ryan style football team. The plan would get so bashed... but having the strongest OL and DL in the AFC East is not the worst thing to have
  14. JD has done a great job at resetting, acquiring an abnormal amount of assets, etc. Now it is time to execute and win some games this year. He is off to a great start in free agency. He has to take it home and then knock this draft out of the park. If he does that, this team is winning consistently sooner rather than later and he is our GM for a long time.
  15. Sheesh... after all that hype - Baker, Darnold, Rosen are all on the same path. Go figure
  16. I would really like to see the Jets dive into the veteran LB and/or pass rushing market. Some big splashes to be made there
  17. I would take a look at Hooper. He was good before heading to Cleveland and everybody seems to struggle on that offense. TE could be fixed
  18. Where has Miami been? Are they being held hostage this free agency period? Waiting for Terron Armstead? They’re gonna get washed this year in the East if they don’t improve
  19. I could see a nice veteran signing - Chandler Jones, Zadarius Smith, Allen Robinson
  20. Playoffs eh? Crazy. JD things poppin let’s go
  21. Give me Jones and Zadarius Smith. I want to see Mac Jones run for his life
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