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  1. No surprise - the Giants are a complete mess without any hope on the horizon. They are about to embark upon an organizational rebuild and it’ll be on Mara how long that takes - he needs to clean complete house in the GM, HC, QB. My gut tells me he just starts with the GM. Big mistake but that’s who the Giants are
  2. Zach did the right thing at first. Vaccinated or not, don’t talk about it… nothing good can come from it
  3. If Zach Wilson comes back and loses to the Texans… that’s not great
  4. This is Joe Judge's second year... ominous sign. Push your chips in now - the Giants will have a new GM in January and in all likelihood, a new head coach - whether it be this season or next. The Giants will likely force Judge on the new GM only for Judge to get fired the following year to hire 'their guy'. Quarterback is a different story. I would say they draft a QB but there is no prospect worth drafting in the first. I think they stick with Jones for another year and maybe take one in the top 5 in 2023. You know Jones will be out, it's just a matter of time. The Giants make the J
  5. He’s not wrong. We’ve toyed with the idea but never actually saw it through. Idzik started his process but never saw it through. I think the plan involves us pushing our chips in during this upcoming free agency class and then supplementing that with 4 high draft picks. If JD hits again like he did last year, this team is going to take off. This year sucks, but you can see the vision taking shape a little bit
  6. Saleh has another 2 years left after this one before he will logically get fired
  7. Moore made Howard look silly there. Nice to see that from the Jets rookie - really nice game for him today
  8. Miami doesn’t belong on the same field as the Jets today. They are really fortunate it’s 7-7. Domination so far
  9. Guy with a big mouth pops off and when somebody shoots back at them they curl up…….. shocking
  10. Yes - IMO this is Zach's team. White, Flacco, whoever… they are just holding the fort down for Zach to come back. Now obviously I’d prefer for Mike White to start and win so we can feel like we have a young backup, but all that matters is winning the game. White did a good job against Cincy. We aren’t tanking now that we have Zach and if Joe Flacco gives us the best chance to win this week, so be it. Just win the game
  11. A lot of people getting carried away with this whole situation. Flacco needs to go out and win on Sunday, then Zach will come back. Kill the Jets for not having a vet QB the whole time, but starting Flacco doesn't seem like the biggest deal in the world. Just media trying to drive up clicks and the NY media has absolutely nothing else to talk about when it comes to NY Football so...
  12. Falcons are fortunate to be down 13-0. That was a beat down of a first half
  13. Pats execute these screen plays to perfection
  14. Just wait until the edibles and pre-rolled blunts hit Shoprite in NY next year. This place will lighten up real quick
  15. No questions asked it was the Mike White injury a quarter into the Indy game. A week of red hot hype and his ******* arm goes numb- are you kidding me?
  16. I’ll never miss a game but wouldn’t go to the game regardless. That stadium sucks
  17. Is this actually a thing? It's a stupid idea - why can't we just leave things that work alone?
  18. Joe Flacco will probably go out and win this game
  19. You have got to be kidding me
  20. Jets will likely finish with 5 or 6 wins. I don’t know why we do this every year… they will at least sneak in 2 more wins, at least
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