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  1. Playoffs eh? Crazy. JD things poppin let’s go
  2. Give me Jones and Zadarius Smith. I want to see Mac Jones run for his life
  3. Chandler Jones and Tyrann Mathieu next???
  4. Jets are about to take the East aren’t they
  5. First miss of free agency by Joe D
  6. How much $$$ do we save making those cuts? They all make sense
  7. I think I like not going after Gilmore anymore. Go get Marcus Williams
  8. Hmmmm so Raiders and Jets left for Gilmore? It’ll be interesting to see how this shakes out
  9. I think if I was spending the money, I would go Williams & Zadarius Smith over Williams & Gilmore. You can’t ever have enough pass rushers and while I love Lawson, an achilles is not easy to come back from at full strength
  10. Should JD land both Marcus Williams and Gilmore, things are going to get real spicy around here
  11. I’m good with Gilmore but not if stops us from landing Marcus Williams. He’s an elite safety at 26 years old - go get him and Mathieu should be the fallback option. Mathieu may ultimately be the best choice TBH
  12. A common thought coming out of Cincinnati. They are not happy he is leaving
  13. If somehow the Jets sneak in Allen Robinson this offense is ready to roll man. Drop another TE on this bitch and let’s roll. I think the safety or DT spot is getting touched next though
  14. This will be a very underrated signing. He was good in Cincy
  15. If all stay healthy, it’s up there. Top 10 with higher potential?
  16. I would be surprised if Gilmore was the route JD went
  17. I think I’d like the aggression but would prefer the Jets put that aggression toward players that deserve it
  18. Where’s armstead at? Waiting for Watson trade to go through so he can go back to New Orleans?
  19. May be an unpopular take but I don’t love what the Jags are doing. Classic headline grabbing moves without a rhyme or reason
  20. What does James Bradberry’s contract look like? He could maybe be had for cheap, the Giants are gonna cut him anyway and his numbers are probably reflective of CB contracts of years past
  21. Wow ok so if Jackson got 16 mil per, Davis will get what… 14? Seems like an easy choice to me - they could still go after Marcus Williams too
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