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  1. Teddy B is without a doubt starting for Miami by mid season
  2. Nice deal for Campbell following an all pro year. Didn’t the Jags just give another ILB like 6-7mil more per year? Baalke is on one down there
  3. So many options out there still. Where are we going next???
  4. Wake up Joe Douglas what’s next!
  5. Wow! Kirks contract just priced us way out of the WR market. Robinson will pull 20+
  6. Yeah I think the Jets have over 30mil left to spend and could easily clear 10mil out with a couple cuts
  7. I wonder where the Jets go from here. Marcus Williams? DJ Jones? Allen Robinson? All 3?
  8. Joe Douglas with a very nice start to free agency
  9. Let’s ******* go!!!!!!!
  10. A position of interest moving forward for me is RB. The Jets have a rock solid OL and Michael Carter is a great talent, BUT if you add another strong RB in the mix, the run game could be fierce
  11. I hate to say it but I think if JD can grab Bozeman for 12-13m a year, he should do it and cut McGovern. It would only be a 3-4m more and Bozeman can really play. That would be a luxury signing though and consistency at C is important. IF the Jets can add Allen Robinson and a TE before the draft, this offense is just about all set. I doubt that happens though, I think we're gonna see a lot more defense moving forward
  12. No bullsh*t though, if Becton comes back and is healthy, this OL can be dominant
  13. Yeah, for one... Joe Douglas would never offer that. And two, the Texans would NEVER say no to having 3 first in the top 10 this year, a #2 pick at QB, plus next years first and 2 seconds.... That's a trash report
  14. Big signing for the Jets. He’s a great guard and he’s a perfect fit coming from SF
  15. The Jags are EXPERTS at free agency. Feels like they do this every single year
  16. Getting mad over not signing Scherff, who has not played a full season since like 2018, when all the Jets have done is get injured the last few years is insane. I'm glad we missed out on that one. He's great when healthy, but him and Becton as consistent injury liabilities isn't exactly fixing any OL
  17. My guy is Bozeman, I think he is the younger ascending OL that the Jets are looking for
  18. Trubisky to Pittsburgh what! That’s crazy
  19. Wow we’re at the point on Twitter where one person writes something then 25 other accounts go recycle it in their own language
  20. The Panthers sure are clearing cap space in a hurry
  21. The Jets are going to light it up this week. Gonna be a good one
  22. Peanuts for Cappa! 10m per - I’m willing to part with that for Scherff
  23. Brandon Scherff eh? Love the player, but isn't he hurt on a yearly basis? When he's healthy, he is elite though...
  24. If the Jets add Marcus Williams and Smith, then draft a pass rusher and/or Sauce in round 1, this defense is on the fast track to being really good
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