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  1. There are a ton of options available to upgrade both RG and C if Douglas wants to do that before the draft. Free agency is lining up nicely to resolve the OL and S positions ahead of the draft. WR too if we play our cards right
  2. To me it’s a lock 1,000 yard wide out. You can expect them to produce at a high level every year
  3. I have no idea why Washington would make this trade
  4. I really don’t see a reason why JD wouldn’t throw the Cowboys a late pick for Cooper if it was really that simple
  5. It’s going to be really depressing when it’s 4/9 and the Jets made no massive trade for an impact player
  6. I don’t see a problem here. Guys like Trubisky are going to get Teddy B contracts. JD should not be handing that out, spend it on players who will contribute game in and game out
  7. I think taking an OL at 4 is about both tackles, not just Becton. Fant is in his 30s… why wouldn’t the pick not be meant to replace him in a year or two after filling in at RG? Because he had one standout year at LT? Becton had a really good year at LT too…. I understand we’re piling on Becton, but Neal or Ekwonu fits the plan from both angles and worst case he is a top flight guard for the next couple of years before moving out while Fant and Becton take the tackle spots
  8. Has there actually been any reporting on communication on DK being available? Seems like everybody just kinda ran with this on their own
  9. Let it be known! Zach Wilson and the Jets are about to beat that Seahawk ass this year #Luv
  10. If we’re going to be in the business of setting this defense up for success, CJ Mosely and Bobby Wagner at LB is a good start…
  11. I could see JC Jackson in Miami. They are going to throw a ton of money at some people. I would not like this move
  12. It would make no sense to not even put in a real offer. JC is about as good as it gets at the CB spot. It doesn’t look like Sauce is in play so JC or Carlton Davis can move the needle on the CB group in FA
  13. Let’s get this DK trade announced
  14. A good pass rusher is set to hit FA
  15. Good for the Broncos by the way. Stop waiting for the draft and go get yours
  16. Gonna be so funny to see the sun god wide open 50 yards out while check down Jones hits the RB in the flat for -1
  17. I don’t see any scenario where JD is here any more than 2 more seasons if the wins and losses don’t change dramatically. This season is about competing for a playoff spot - the Jets don’t have to make it, but they need to be in the hunt throughout the season. If we win 4-6 games again, JD is well on his way out of here and he’ll get likely one more year to make a big leap. I am a big JD fan, he’s done a great job acquiring the assets and opening up cap space… but now the dead weight is gone and right now is the time to use those assets by any means necessary and turn the Jets back into a good competitive football teams. No more punting on seasons
  18. A guy like Zadarius Smith is about to shake loose. Get ready JD
  19. This is his year. He fails and he’s likely on his way out either in January or the year after
  20. TE market took a big hit but the other positions still look good so far, which is nice
  21. I don’t think there would have been any interest in Gesicki anyway
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