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  1. Wow. That would be some win to open up the season - a tone setter
  2. An upgrade and money saved. I am looking forward to see what is next in free agency
  3. A solid starter getting plugged in as a backup on our Jets. The times are changing
  4. I can’t wait to put this Becton saga to bed, for better or worse
  5. Jets roll the Pats in a clean sweep in 2022
  6. The over/under at 5.5 is insulting. A lot of people are going to make some money on the over
  7. If Mims turns the corner and is a legit receiver for the Jets, lock JD up long term
  8. As long as we can stop the run they will not be able to move the football. Their skill position players are towards the bottom of the league
  9. You could see the division leaving their souls
  10. The 49ers played themselves. JD offered a great deal for 10. John Lynch can take a hike with Deebo unless they wanna talk 2023 4th round picks. They dropped the ball bigtime
  11. Hall may enter the season as the front runner for OROY
  12. On paper the Pats project as the worst team in the division. I think the Jets can wind up better than Miami - they're being overrated at this point IMO. Brian Flores was a big reason they were winning football games and they fired him
  13. Time for Joe Douglas to get back on the phone and give Tyrann Mathieu and Kwon Alexander a call. Let’s spend that Deebo money and push for the playoffs
  14. The only thing I think is fair to say could have been better was trading 10 for Deebo or AJ Brown instead of taking G. Wilson. Everything else was flawless
  15. Today it’s Perrion Winfrey or bust. This draft could not have gone any better
  16. When you package this draft with last years, JD is bringing it. Phenomenal job
  17. A wildcard slot is possible. Top 10 offense all hinges on Zach but we’re at the point where he should have everything he needs, assuming the picks work out along with healthy and all that.
  18. Ruckert is a Long Island warrior and future hall of famer
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