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  1. The Titans are such a fun team to watch. Tough football team
  2. No issues with the Thibs pick. A CB would be helpful, especially with the assumption that we’ve addressed the safety spot in a big way, but I don’t know if I’d find it an exciting pick
  3. I think the Jets take Ekwonu or Neal if he falls. They can start at RG and move to RT when Fant’s contract expires… or worst case, Becton can’t stay healthy and they start at tackle sooner than later. With that said, if either Hutch or Thibs falls I don’t know how they aren’t the pick.
  4. TRADE! Go into the draft with as little needs as possible. Do not bother drafting a WR in round 1 this year
  5. A great move for the Giants. Who knows how good Joe Scone is but the Bills did things the right way - so that’s a good start for them. It’s also nice to see the Bills getting hit. Here’s to hoping their OC and DC get head coaching gigs over the next few weeks as well!
  6. That’s a no from me. This is pretty much the only pick JD could make at 4 that I would 100% hate
  7. I’m a big ND fan and he is a really really really good football player. An immediate plug and play impact starter. If we hadn’t done what we did with Jamal, I’d probably be pounding the table for him. Wherever he goes, he’ll be an all pro player. If it’s the Jets, so be it.
  8. 10 years ago I would’ve banged the ‘Tom Brady is a ____’ drum just as loud as anybody but as this point, anybody who says he isn’t the greatest to ever play is just kidding themselves
  9. Harbaugh would be a disaster with the Giants but I think he’d do well with Carr in Vegas
  10. Damn. Jets got the TEs and Lions got the RBs
  11. Bill certainly misses Tommy, that’s for sure. He will not go to a Superbowl without him
  12. I’m sad I missed the game. I see the Bills Pats game went as expected. Mac Jones does not have the traits to be productive when his run game and defense is not playing at an elite level. He’s already hit his ceiling - this is it for him. Josh Allen is just getting started on the other hand. He will win a Superbowl in his career
  13. The more I read about the receivers in the draft, the more I feel like we've hit the point that we are trying to talk players up into the Jets draft position. I would much prefer to get a proven commodity in a trade at this point and head into the draft not thinking about WRs - Ridley would be a huge get.
  14. I really feel like this situation will work out fine and he will start at LT for the Jets next season. It is frustrating for the team but Becton will be fine
  15. Today I’ve got the Bills winning by 2+ scores and the Raiders winning a very close game
  16. 2 years from now this team will be competing and if Zach has been officially deemed not the answer at that point, I’d rather put a good veteran QB out there with a team that’s ready instead of drafting another one. The issue at that point will become who is available as a FA and how do we get a QB in the draft when we’re picking mid-first round. IMO we’d have to either trade up considerably or we are revisiting the era of drafting guys like Clemens, Hackenberg, McElroy again.
  17. A lot of interesting smoke around this WR1 thing. It keeps popping up
  18. Viagra? Just stop at a gas station real quick. Pop an animal pak while you’re at it
  19. It’s gonna be hard for the Seahawks to trade anyone of real worth from their team for less than 2 firsts after the Adams trade. They really did box themselves into a weird corner with that trade
  20. Flores comes in, Watson stays. This is my prediction
  21. It was the right move but there’s a long road ahead for them. They’re strapped for cap space and have drafted bad for a while. They’re going to have to commit to the long rebuild - they have no prospects of being good anytime soon
  22. It’s a no brainer. The Jets dominate the Queens and Long Island area. How about putting the team in the heart of its fanbase rather than making us travel 2-3 hours both way to get to a game? Imagine what a stadium there would look like, we might even have a home field advantage! Just look at how it gets at Islander games
  23. This is a major advantage and how the Chargers fell in love with Herbert when there were 100 questions about him. I expect this to have a positive impact on our draft
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