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  1. TE market took a big hit but the other positions still look good so far, which is nice
  2. I don’t think there would have been any interest in Gesicki anyway
  3. Ridley’s situation sucks but there is still DK, Jeudy, Cooks, etc. who have had their names mentioned as potential trade options. It’s going to be interesting to see how JD handles the WR spot - I don’t know if the draft is the right way to go, Wilson is the only guy who I think truly gets considered as 10
  4. Pittsburgh would be instant Superbowl contenders if that happened. They are ready to go - they may even be favorites
  5. I’m looking forward to seeing a harsher judgment on the Miami Dolphins actively trying to incentivize tanking
  6. Well I’ll be dammed. It has always been Allen Robinson. It’s fate
  7. Chelsea is an enormous soccer club. This would be a big deal for Woody
  8. Damn. Sucks to see Njoku get tagged. After the Cowboys tag Schultz, the TE market will be bare
  9. There’s not a QB in this universe who would beat out Zach Wilson in a straight up QB competition
  10. You know Kayvon is the pick because as destiny will have it, Jet fans need to spend their time fighting over first round picks for eternity
  11. I’m not sure the Jets would see Thibs as somebody that fits their vision of what a Jet is supposed to be. I think they would pass on him if I had to choose right now
  12. Lewis Cine, gimme that man in round 2
  13. I think this is a rather good draft. There’s gonna be a lot of really good players taken in April
  14. He’s such a clean prospect. I wouldn’t hate taking him at 4 at all. He’s going to be very very good
  15. I really want to see Sauce today. Out of all the players that the Jets are 'considering', I feel like he may ultimately be the safest bet to become a great player
  16. I’m starting to see this come up more often as the weekend rolls. I’m not sure we need to upgrade at C but dios mio if the starting OL next year is Fant, AVT, Jensen, Ekwonu, Becton…… Carter may not see contact until 5 after past the LOS
  17. Feels like everybody’s DL big board is going to shake up a good amount
  18. Hutch looks a little stiff to me. Doesn’t move like I would expect from a slam dunk top pick
  19. Aye what up Calvin come on down
  20. Big work for Thibs. Have a feeling he’s going to crush the combine
  21. Travon Walker’s measurements are freakish
  22. Not sure it’s the wisest idea to move on from a top 10 center over 10m just to have to sign another center for probably equal or more money if they’re any good
  23. Cooper, Davis, Moore, and Berrios would give us the best WR corp in the AFC East. Forget about it when TE and RG gets its upgrade. No excuses for Zach (assuming everybody can stay healthy)
  24. Get healthy then build. With the right moves this team could absolutely compete for a playoff slot this year
  25. I hope so. I can see him going 1
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