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  1. Considering that Geno Smith is the QB, it's the most obvious pick.... BUT I think that Maccagnan is not going to take the chance on him and go either OL or OLB.
  2. There's just no room for him on the Jets. Mo needs a new contract, Sheldon (who I think will be the best out of the 3) will need one in the next couple of years. The only way I could see it working is if the Jets signed Suh to a contract short enough to cut him loose before Sheldon gets a new deal.... but in no way do I ever let Sheldon ever even consider wearing another jersey for the rest of his career. He's a superstar in the making.
  3. The more you see this guy from the third person fan's perspective you can see why he eventually became a joke around the NFL. He's got football games to win but so far I've seen him: Have a blustery press conference, get pizza with his name on it, change his tattoo, throw out his Jets gear and replace it with Bills gear, and make best buds with Belicheck at the combine, make other statements that didn't make any sense... I'm sure that I'm forgetting some things but as a long time Rex supporter that knew his time was up as the Jets coach, it's becoming clear that maybe Rex was the circus th
  4. People need to remember what a mess San Fran was last year. It's impossible to judge him off of last year. I wouldn't bring him in and tell him to start outside. Put him in the slot and draft a wide out that could hopefully play outside (Cooper? White? DGB in rnd 2?)
  5. Wow.. and Wallace is next? Miami sure knows how to build around a quarterback, let me tell you. Leaky o-line, cutting their 3 starting receivers, could lose clay to free agency, still no running game. Is Miami heading towards the basement of the AFC East?
  6. If we missed on Spiller I would absolutely take a look at Bush. He can still play at a high level. I'm kind of surprised that the Lions would cut him loose.
  7. Fasano wouldn't be a bad #2 tight end. I always thought he was a little underrated. He's a good blocker which the Jets could use as a run first team.
  8. Sign Iupati and draft Scherff at 6. Go into the season with one of the best lines in football. Football is won in the trenches and the Jets would then have an elite line on both sides of the ball.
  9. There's not a player on that Giants defense that I'd want.
  10. Stay at the top of the draft and take an elite player. One of the following: an elite pass rusher (Fowler, Ray), a blue chip offensive lineman (Scherff), a game changing receiver (White, Cooper) will be available at #6. Take one and call it a night.
  11. +1 Please take Scherff ... the guy seems like a lock of an o-line prospect and the Jets need him (assuming we don't get Iupati) Other than that I take Fowler.
  12. I will say that while Mariota isn't a lights out prospect, he's better than a lot of the first round prospects to be available in the early first of the draft over the last few years. Same with Winston. I wouldn't hate the Mariota pick but I wouldn't love it simply because of the type of offense he led in college. It wouldn't be a bad pick by any stretch of the imagination though.
  13. This is GREAT news. So many great free agents this year. Make the right moves and this team can get so much better! Spend that money and win baby!
  14. Personally, I'd rather just ride with Geno instead of McCown
  15. Rightfully so. The guy knows Gailey's system and (when healthy) is a gamebreaking runningback. Chris Ivory is a great runningback who doesn't nearly get the props he deserves due to the lack of recent success for the Jets. Spiller will fit in perfect as the change of pace back behind Ivory. I'm all for this signing.
  16. Yes, he's a team leader... but his contribution is not worth a lot of money and if he's willing to recognize that then I would sign him for the right price.
  17. The Jets will have around 50 million dollars to spend in free agency and IMO are two cornerbacks away from having an top 5 defense again, probably better (Two depends on how you feel about Milliner and McDougle, I think Milliner can play but who knows how he'll recover from a significant injury). Revis will get paid, as we all have learned by now. He's proven he's worth the money and if he can come play for the Jets for two years before moving on again I'd be cool with that. I don't see him getting 14-15 million though unless it's from Rex in Buffalo. Very fair point about Cro, but Cromart
  18. 20 million?? How much do you think Cro is going to sign for? He just finished a $2.5 mil deal... He's not going to get any more than that from the Jets, or anybody else for that matter. It's extremely within reason that the Jets could get both of them for $15 mil a year (13 for Revis and 2 for Cro). That leaves the defense absolutely set with $35 million left to sign whoever the hell else we want in free agency (assuming Harvin is released). How could you say no to that?
  19. Revis and Cro reunited in green n white? Wouldn't that be nice
  20. Brandon Scherff, Shane Ray, or Dante Fowler Jr. Personally I'm really starting to like Fowler.
  21. Good thing Bloomberg banned those supersized sodas!
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