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  1. It's nice to know that no matter how bad this year goes, we'll still end up 2nd in the division.
  2. The Bengals definitely aren't a crappy team, they've been a 10+ win team for like the last 5 years or so..
  3. I hate this stat. The Jets need to make offenses turn the football over and turn that into points. We ARE a top 5/top 10 defense... but you can't be top 3 and elite unless you force some turnovers. That's the jump this defense has to make.
  4. This is not super surprising to me. We have a good offensive line and Fitz is great about avoiding the rush and getting the ball out of his hands quick.
  5. The Dolphins are a 4-5 win football team. It's unfortunate that they are going to drop this game to Cincinatti as them at 1-3 could help us out if we find ourselves looking to make a wildcard spot.
  6. I really hope Fitz goes out and beats Seattle so we can rid ourselves of this conversation (at least for 1 week)..........
  7. No matter where you sit just make sure you stand up and get loud!
  8. Protect the football, put the ball in the end zone when we get in the red zone, and get off the field on third downs. Pretty much the opposite of what we did against Kansas City.
  9. Of course he is. We do not have a backup QB until Petty is healthy. Hackenberg is not ready to play yet.
  10. It would be very Jets to go out and lay the hammer on Seattle coming off of a performance like we saw against KC. I expect the Jets to win this one. We will be 3-3 coming out of the first 6.
  11. Those were delicious when I was a child
  12. Finally a relatable Jets player. ASJ will fit in just fine.
  13. Is he even eligible to play? No suspension or rehab time upcoming?
  14. I mean he can't be any worse than Kellen Davis
  15. Idzik was a bonafide sh*tshow of a GM. Nothing more to say there. The fans are pissed right now because this team is definitely talented enough to push for a playoff spot and sucked it up on the road in KC.
  16. Fitz lost us last game and played a huge role in winning against Buffalo, throwing for almost 400 yards. He has earned the right to not get benched after one game, as horrendous as it might have been. If the trend continues after KC then bench him. For the record, I don't hate Geno. I just know how bad he is. Fitz is better, maybe we will get to find out if Petty is better than both of them this year.
  17. I'm in the middle and most definitely lead towards the homer side. If we're 1-5 post-Arizona trip, let's bug out... but this happens to us almost once a season - we lay a huge duck on the road. It's not time to freak out just yet.
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