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  1. If the Jets hit on Shane Ray at #6 it'd put their front seven over the top. Throw in the signing of a big-time cornerback (hopefully), it could make the Jets defense elite again.
  2. Cooper is probably option #1 at 6. Assuming he's gone I would go either Brandon Scherff or Shane Ray. I think maybe a guy like Kevin White or DeVante Parker make a huge leap in draft stock and jump into the top 10. Maybe one of those guys are in play if the Jets are looking at receivers by draft time.
  3. Is there any other option out there but to try and develop Geno? There are no quarterbacks worth drafting high in the draft and there are only a few FA quarterbacks that could come in here and start, but they are no long term solutions. I'm assuming Maccagnan will bring in a free agent to compete with Geno for the starting spot (hoping for Ryan Mallett) with hopes of Geno improving.
  4. Why, oh why? Did we have to beat Tennessee and Miami? Mariota is so good! #SuckForTheDuck
  5. They're obviously a little salty about Bowles picking the Jets over Falcons.
  6. Francesca loves Bowles. Says he has the makings be a very good coach.
  7. Bowles is known for being an insane blitzer and putting his guys in a position where they can impact the game. A truly flexible and well adjusting coach. The more I read about this guy, the more I think the Jets may have just found the next big thing at head coach.
  8. Rex in Buffalo feels so weird. If he pulls that New Jersey Jets sh*t, he's gonna become public enemy #1. Nothing stings a Jet fan more than that.
  9. STRIKE! Jets 'Bowle' a strike as they land the best head coaching candidate in the last decade. How's that?
  10. You have to figure that if Mac is handling interviews that there is no limbo. He's the guy.
  11. I am a big fan of Bowles' blitzes. He runs a really creative and exciting style of D that I think would be perfect for the Jets. He's also known for being highly adjustable and creative in his gameplans. He realizes that every game is different and approaches each game accordingly. Would be happy with either Quinn or Bowles. Also want to take a look at Gase, who Manning is apparently extremely high on.
  12. Francesca is gonna be so mad because he loves Bowles. He thinks he's the next big thing at head coach. Now he won't get to interview him.
  13. Can't imagine this happening but if it was a possibility I'd go all in for him.
  14. Brandon Scherff if Amari Cooper isn't there. Don't even consider the qbs if they're there at 6. You need to draft the sure things at the top of the draft.
  15. See guys this is what happens when the Jets win meaningless games. We miss on these superstars like Winston and Mariota. #SuckForTheDuck
  16. Following Mariota closely tonight. A lot of mocks have him slipping to the Jets lately after breaking down his game a little.
  17. So just because Denver asked to interview him they're automatically going to hire him? They will probably interview 5 other coaches, just like everybody else, before they make their decision. Besides, Quinn wants to come to NY and Manning will not stay in Denver if Gase is gone and he has to start from scratch there. Way to overreact, bro.
  18. Does Schwartz have a relationship with Quinn? That would be a great combo.
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