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  1. Let's go!! Bad games happen - Todd Bowles will have this team ready to rebound against a solid Seattle team. Get the win at home and let's get this team straightened out.
  2. That was for 12 mil starting quarterback money and yup, that's exactly what I am saying.
  3. The best option at quarterback... Geno Smith is included in this conversation and it's not even close.
  4. It's not accepted... he is our best option. There is nothing we can do about it this season until we are mathematically eliminated.
  5. Rightfully so. As bad as Fitz played yesterday, he is still not as bad as Geno. That is saying something. Fitz is the Jets quarterback for this year and if we kick the bucket early on the season - Petty will play. GET OVER IT!!!
  6. LOL.... this is completely foolish. The Jets will be FINE! If a trend continues off of last night then we can throw this around. Until then it's only one game!
  7. I wonder if Bruce Arians is getting crushed for getting laid out by Rex in Buffalo? It's one game. Let's keep it moving.
  8. He would crush the guys in the locker room then get everybody level and ready to play the next game. I expect Todd Bowles to do the same thing
  9. I will say it before it begins - Fitz is the qb this season. Get over it. Geno is not better.
  10. There's a ton of game left! This is far from over
  11. There's a ton of game left let's get this going defense. Quick stop
  12. Buffalo is a solid team and Arizona seems to be really struggling + they are traveling all the way to Buffalo. The Bills are desperate right now so that is a tough game. Arizona at home will still be a tough game.
  13. No room for troubled youth on this team. Who needs a tight end anyway
  14. The Jets are the better football team (again, as with the rest of the games so far this season) in this game. We've also got to have this game going into our tough stretch. Fitz has got to protect the football and our defense has got to limit the big play. KC is a good football team and can explode if you let them... but I think Bowles will have this team level headed and ready to win a football game coming off a 10-day layoff. Jets 27 Chiefs 16
  15. Belichick is a boss. A 4-0 start (assuming they will NOT lose to Rex) with a third string qb is something else
  16. The Jets are a good football team. 10 is a good (maybe a little high at the moment). I would rank them anywhere between 10-14 They get to go out and make a big statement these next 4 games.
  17. He's a lock first ballot hall of famer. It's not even a question.
  18. I loved Rex while he was here but his playoff runs are long gone now and it's crystal clear now more than ever that he is just not head coaching material and never will be. Rex will be a DC somewhere very soon.... IF a head coach wants to deal with his mouth.
  19. These are still tough teams no matter how you slice it but these Jets can beat anybody. Get to .500 after 6 games and we are a playoff team. One game at a time - let's take care of business in Kansas City on Sunday!
  20. I don't think I've said anywhere that the Pats would go 0-4 - but I'm sure I said that's what I'm hoping for. I had them going 1-3. Impressive so far! Belichick is some coach. Let's let Brisett throw a touchdown first before we throw crazy thoughts like that out there. Geno would start over him at this point.
  21. At least we know that Houston will eat New England alive with their third stringer in there. Beat KC and let Houston take care of the Pats for us.
  22. They will. They are just trash. It's nice to have a perennial AFC basement dweller in the AFC East though.
  23. Miami looks like they could be the worst team in football this year.
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