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  1. Probably, but here's to hoping they are 1-1 *
  2. Root for the Dolphins here, they are a 6 win team and will not compete for the division. Obviously the Patriots are the only thing standing between the Jets and a division title. Clear choice to me.
  3. LET'S GO JETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. He's questionable this week but unlikely to play. I think he might play against the Jets given another 10 days.
  5. We are very similar teams but I think that the Jets are much more dynamic on offense. Jamaal Charles isn't 100% healthy and Jeremy Maclin doesn't scare anybody. Travis Kelce is a freak though and can tear up a game if you let him. One thing KC doesn't do is make mistakes. They plan hard, clean football for 60 minutes. I expect a really tough game but if Fitz plays another good game and takes care of the football then we will win this one.
  6. This is what I'm talking about! Let's go JETS!
  7. Once again the Jets played a game football team and dominated only this time we closed it out. Progress! We got 10 days to prepare for Kansas City, let's get it going!
  8. The pass rush has been there but Tyrod has been buying time all game
  9. Mac has put together a hell of an offensive unit. When Fitz is on we look unstoppable
  10. This is what good teams do. We dropped a close one to a playoff team and go on to dominate a division rival the next game. We've got a good football team here folks.
  11. Yeah they're not fun I've had an mcl tear before
  12. Fingers crossed for a sprain, it's gotta be something for him to shake his head and pull himself
  13. He was bending his knee, hopefully he'll be alright
  14. Revis is done. He should not be on the field without over the top help
  15. The Jets will win this one by a touchdown. We are head and shoulders a better, more complete football team. I don't care about what happened last season. This is a new year - we are better and they are worse (even if it's due to injuries).
  16. The Giants are probably the most un-interesting organization in the league. They've had some good runs but are otherwise a complete bore of a team.
  17. The Buffalo offensive line, which is struggling to begin with, should be completely eaten alive by our Jets d-line. Let's hope that Sunday wasn't a fluke.... Leonard Williams should be ready to get another 2.5 sacks tomorrow night.
  18. I think the Jets are going to split even at 3-3. The Cincinnati game took out the 4-2 possibility IMO.
  19. The Jets will demolish Buffalo. We lost to Cincy due to our kicker. That doesn't happen often. We should be 2-0 but we will settle for a 1-1 start.
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