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  1. Let's put up a billboard outside the stadium
  2. If the ball was inflated properly we all know that it would not have bounced right into the Patriots arms every time.
  3. Wow, look at Brady and Belichick squirm back that. Something is up, big-time. The Pats organization is going to be crushed by this
  4. This is without a doubt true. With a good quarterback this team is playoff bound
  5. Maccagnan is 100x the speaker than Idzik was. I expect big things from him
  6. Send him to Guantanamo Bay. What he did to the Jets is inexcusable.
  7. Going to go on record right now that Cromartie returns to the Jets next season.
  8. Everybody knows that without cheating the Patriots are a 3 win team, max. Jets sweep a non-cheating Pats* team, so make that 6-8 for your prediction. Automatic 4-0 record if you take Rex's Bills and McDaniels' Pats* (lolol) 2015 it's all Jets in the SuperBOWLE
  9. The hammer is going to drop on Belichick. I'd prefer for him to be suspended for all of next season... it helps the Jets more. Although being suspended for the Superbowl would tarnish his legacy completely and probably keep him out of the hall of fame.
  10. Does anybody notice no Mehta so far? Maybe he's moving to buffalo permanently
  11. This is stupid but cheating is cheating and Belicheck has been caught multiple times. It might be time to suspend the dude for next season... and that's being completely objective. Belicheck and the Patriots organization as a whole have no respect for the rules. Time to drop the hammer on them.
  12. Great hire. I don't know much about the DC but the GM, HC, and OC hires are all good so far
  13. Rightfully so, he's the best quarterback in the game not named Brady/Manning/Rodgers. He's also half their age.
  14. This had nothing to do with the outcome out the game but it's amazing how the Patriots are always involved in controversy.
  15. Russell Wilson top 5 quarterback? Hahaha He is a good quarterback, top 10 I can see... but he's had the benefit of an elite running game and an all time defense. Did he come up huge in overtime? Absolutely, but he's a good quarterback.. not a great one. He doesn't carry his team and is not the sole reason for their success. He is exactly what we all wanted Mark Sanchez to be. He's probably the best game manager I've ever seen. His passing isn't what makes him special, it's his escapeability and improvisation. Andrew Luck on the other hand is solely responsible for all of his team's suc
  16. I wouldn't say they'll definitely make the playoffs but I think they'll definitely compete for one if Maccagnan shows the ability to sign free agents
  17. Pagano, easily the most overrated coach in the NFL. He should be ashamed of this game. 'Lucked' into the best quarterback of the generation and is riding him all the way. I don't know what it is about the Colts.... just like how it was with Peyton, without Luck this team is 1-15 again. Build a complete football team Indianapolis.
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