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  1. You have to figure that if Mac is handling interviews that there is no limbo. He's the guy.
  2. I am a big fan of Bowles' blitzes. He runs a really creative and exciting style of D that I think would be perfect for the Jets. He's also known for being highly adjustable and creative in his gameplans. He realizes that every game is different and approaches each game accordingly. Would be happy with either Quinn or Bowles. Also want to take a look at Gase, who Manning is apparently extremely high on.
  3. Francesca is gonna be so mad because he loves Bowles. He thinks he's the next big thing at head coach. Now he won't get to interview him.
  4. Can't imagine this happening but if it was a possibility I'd go all in for him.
  5. Brandon Scherff if Amari Cooper isn't there. Don't even consider the qbs if they're there at 6. You need to draft the sure things at the top of the draft.
  6. See guys this is what happens when the Jets win meaningless games. We miss on these superstars like Winston and Mariota. #SuckForTheDuck
  7. Following Mariota closely tonight. A lot of mocks have him slipping to the Jets lately after breaking down his game a little.
  8. So just because Denver asked to interview him they're automatically going to hire him? They will probably interview 5 other coaches, just like everybody else, before they make their decision. Besides, Quinn wants to come to NY and Manning will not stay in Denver if Gase is gone and he has to start from scratch there. Way to overreact, bro.
  9. Does Schwartz have a relationship with Quinn? That would be a great combo.
  10. Does Rex leave Buffalo to take the Denver head coaching job? Leave your thoughts below.
  11. Casserly should just be the Jets New general manager. He rules
  12. 1000% that Adam Gase is the next head coach. This is what Peyton wants in order to stick around. He doesn't want to start with a new OC.
  13. I've never saw him as a spectacular head coach but he's definitely good enough to land the Jets job
  14. This is a big money wrench thrown into the process. Fox is a solid head coach and could be in play for the Jets.
  15. Scouting department changes won't be made until after the draft. Maccagnan hasn't even been officially hired yet... the Jets have to send somebody.
  16. I remember Washington also actively trying to trade up for Sanchez too. If you think the Jets traded up for Mark Sanchez to sell PSLs and not to try to get a franchise quarterback you're crazy. The Jets had zero hope at quarterback after Favre and Sanchez turned that around.
  17. Rex, Roman, and Schwartz? Damn. Bright side is that they still only have EJ Manuel and will sit at 8-8/9-7 until they change that.
  18. Are you forgetting the buzz around Sanchez as the draft came? The guy shot up the draft board like a rocket and there were other teams also trying to trade up to get him. Tanny traded up to get him because he was a good quarterback prospect and the Jets didn't have a quarterback. Woody had nothing to do with drafting Sanchez. What non-football reason was there to draft Sanchez? GQ??? Come on, man...
  19. +1 But then you remember that Jet fans just hate everybody and then it makes sense.
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