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  1. Big surprise that the Miami natives want to give a hot take after a Jet loss. Bottom line is that the Jets are going to push for a playoff birth with our 12 million dollar quarterback while his beloved Dolphins will struggle to win 6 games with their 100 million dollar quarterback.
  2. Whatever they did it worked. Keep it up and let's win some ball games starting Thursday
  3. Last year was our year to win a Superbowl. This year we are better - and Fitz is PISSED!!!! Expect a big game. My money is on 400 yards and 4-5 touchdowns (4 in the air and 1 rushing)
  4. Lots of positive to take from yesterday - let's hope the Jets take their frustrations out on Buffalo
  5. Thank you! This feels a lot like the loss against Baltimore in 2010 to open the season. We've got a good football team here and we're gonna be alright.
  6. Fingers crossed but the Dolphins are probably headed for a top 10 pick so I don't see that happening
  7. Let's talk about Belichik's herpes instead guys
  8. Stick with that - that's a much better argument than Geno Smith
  9. I wasn't talking about Fitz in college I was talking about somebody we can draft because you can rest assured that we will draft another qb and start him before playing Geno
  10. I support the best option on the team ... Follow college or Bryce Pettys recovery if you want to talk about Fitz's replacement
  11. I can't believe we are still arguing Fitz vs Geno... Fitz is the qb this season and it's not changing. Geno is warming the bench until he plays for somebody else next year - get over it.
  12. You can't say that from the first game of the season but if this trend continues then probably
  13. He also has facial hair. Which makes him a mans man
  14. Revis and Folk - honestly Revis probably hurt the team more overall than Folk did. AJ tore him up all game
  15. The Jets will still be a winning team when the season is said and done. This loss hurts a lot but the Jets will be alright
  16. Revis showed his age. If it happens against Watkins next week too then we've got huge problems
  17. Fitz was good enough to win, bottom line. Revis looked god awful and Folk left 4 point hanging in a 1 point loss.
  18. Stadium is gonna be rocking. Penn is filling up with angry Jet fans! 27-20 Jets win handily - BOOK IT!
  19. A 2-0 start all but locks us in for a playoff birth IMO. These first 2 games are vital.
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