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  1. Misguided because "The Duck" is going #1 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and a loss puts the Jets at #2 - still not landing Mariota.....
  2. IMO the best of a mediocre bunch. If Connor Cook declares he's the no brainer pick at #6. He's the best pure pocket passer of the bunch. Amari Cooper WR is in play at #6 and all OL prospects obviously.
  3. It would be the absolute best case scenario to see Jax/Oakland go OL/DL in the first and Cooper falls to the Jets
  4. Sign Byron Maxwell and bring back Cromartie to come in and play with Milliner/McDougle
  5. Yeah he definitely seems like a bright guy, which you have to love. I hope he does really well in Tampa
  6. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000400272/article/ask-5-who-does-marcus-mariota-of-oregon-remind-you-of Read it. I'm not just saying Colin Kaepernick out of thin air. Dungy is the ONLY person who says anything about Rodgers.
  7. I have watched him. He comes from a very similar type of offense that Geno Smith came from. Not saying that Mariota will wind up like Geno but how can you be so sure that he will be a top 10 quarterback when he's never played in a pro offense in his life? My point is not that I think that Mariota will be bad, he'll probably be good. Maybe above average. My point is that he is not a prospect that teams should be tanking for and he's definitely not a prospect that fans should be enraged about missing out on with a win yesterday (even though they would have missed on him anyway). He's not eve
  8. LOL! Give me a break. The Jets were NEVER in the running for Mariota regardless of yesterday's outcome. I did want to/would still draft Mariota.. but that's primarily because Geno Smith is the current Jets quarterback. The guy's NFL comparison is Colin Kaepernick. Not Brady/Manning/Rodgers, Colin Kaepernick. Now, it's better than what the Jets currently have but there is zero proof that Marcus Mariota's style will transfer to the NFL. He is probably more likely to turn out like RGIII than Aaron Rodgers. Let it go Jets fans, Mariota isn't a great enough quarterback to get so riled
  9. Hoyer all the way. With the Jets run the football and play defense (assuming the cornerback position is fixed) he's a great fit here and would make the Jets better instantly.
  10. I would be 100% on board with drafting Connor Cook if he decided to come out. He's your prototypical pocket passer and he's got the best pocket presence out of all the available quarterbacks. He'd be my guy at #6. I would be ok with Mariota in green and white, big no to Jameis Winston.
  11. Mariota is very far from a lights out prospect. In the end it could be god saving the Jets from drafting another "super athlete" bust at QB.
  12. Brandon Scherff out of Iowa will be projected to go around the mid top 10 and would be an excellent pick. Not the marquee draft pick that everybody is looking for but he will be a very good lineman for a long time.
  13. If this win lands us Cooper instead of Winston then this is the best game to happen in years. Mariota was never a possibility but losing was the best option today. Unreal to win due to a taunting penalty.
  14. How obnoxious it is to win this game due to 50 yards in penalties on the final drive. Unreal
  15. Could be a lot worse than sure-ing up the offensive line with Brandon Scherff
  16. So you'd like the Jets to sit there and do nothing when a defensive lineman punches the starting quarterback in the face? Lol.......
  17. Losing this game almost doesn't matter because Tampa is going to take Mariota at #1 anyway. And I don't think anybody is drooling at the opportunity to pick Winston.
  18. Highly contested game so far. You can tell both of these teams really want it. Loving what I'm seeing so far
  19. I wonder if they'd be willing to swap Geno for Rodgers in a straight up trade???
  20. Byron Maxwell is still a free agent. Expecting him to be a prime target of the Jets this offseason
  21. Didn't think I was making that bold of a statement, I think it's really the most likely scenario. And it's not a bad scenario at all, maybe the best case scenario. I hope you're right.. but I'd bet the house that there is zero way that the Jets pick #1 this year. Much better chances of them winning 1 more game..... Which would land them at #6.
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