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  1. Who do we trade for? Mettenberger? Glennon? Cousins?
  2. Francessa knows who the best team in NY is. Jump on the bandwagon tubby, it's filling up fast.
  3. Grabbing Mettenberger would be awesome. I'm on board
  4. They really showed us what it means to be green tonight
  5. The Jets could've made everything better for the fans after losing our franchise qb.. But nooooo they had to do this to us. 3-13
  6. I can't even believe this is real life. I thought we had the best defense in football
  7. They should name their price then. And the Jets should match it
  8. Jets cruise would end up getting overtaken by Somali pirates. SOJ
  9. Great pressure defense. These should be our starters
  10. Was that Williams with the hit on the qb on that last play?
  11. Todd is gonna have to do some serious soul searching or he isn't going to last the season
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