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  1. Hard Knocks has become a bore - it was fun at first and probably peaked with the Jets season. Nobody cares about the Rams....
  2. No, I don't think this is an audition anymore for Bryce - it looks like Geno will be the #2 and we will keep 4 quarterbacks whether we like it or not.
  3. I don't see why he can't come in and play as the 4th cornerback in a dime situation. He's not that bad but he definitely should not be resigned.
  4. FitzNation sees exactly what he is - a mediocre journeyman quarterback who has never been to the playoffs. We also see what Geno is... A bad quarterback who has not won many games and has a tendency to embarrass himself and Jet fans when the ball is put in his hands. Sad or not, Fitz is by far the best option and the Jets have the talent to raise his play (see last year).
  5. That's a shame. Bridgewater is a class act and the Vikings were going to be a really good team this season.
  6. Geno has to prove himself at some point. Maybe he can throw some completions vs. the third stringers....
  7. I don't blame him. Both sides are ready for a divorce.
  8. Mikey Mac called Bobby himself to leak it
  10. What's the highest we are thinking for Geno - a 5th?
  11. This is 100% a winnable game for the Jets
  12. I think regardless of who the back-up is on the roster - if Fitz gets hurt, the season is finished. So the question lies in who has the most potential - Geno or Petty? I think the fact that we have seen what we have seen of Geno makes the choice pretty clear. Geno peaked in his first year and has shown nothing but regression ever since - turning into Sanchez-esque blunder material waiting to happen. He is not our future. Plus he is on the final year of his rookie deal, should he put up OK numbers do we have faith giving him a starting quarterback contract that you know he is going to demand? Does anybody think he is a long term solution? So if Fitz gets hurt, why not give Petty a trial by fire audition to see what we have? Fitz goes down and we're done. At the very least it will allow us to rule him out instead of waiting until next year to do so. Cut/trade Geno, let Petty take #2 and Hack take #3.
  13. Some guys also just bring their A game when the lights come on. Maybe he's a gameday quarterback - I'll take it!
  14. The Giants are not and have never been a great NFL franchise. They are a joke.
  15. Hahahahahah amen to that. I still have faith though
  16. Geno gets 1 more drive then let's see some Petty. No need to see anymore of Genl at this point he's a goner
  17. BigRy56

    AJ Green

    We are going to beat the Bengals with or without AJ Green. I think the Jets are a better team than the Bengals.
  18. It could be worse, we could have the curse of the Chargers first round... #Manning #Bosa
  19. Hopefully he's better and a hall of famer.
  20. Voted Marshall, Decker, Enunwa, and Forte. Bilal could be a candidate but I don't know if he'll reach 30. I think Enunwa is a breakout candidate for our offense this season. He's a matchup nightmare.
  21. Dude had a great rookie year in Buffalo. Would be great to have him on board.
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