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  1. A month ago there was a whole gang of Geno Smith supporters... After 2 preseason performances it's crickets. Lights out Geno, go back up Tyrod in Buffalo.
  2. Without a doubt. Let him back up Fitz this year and lets see if he can't earn that starting job next year. I'm all for an old school quarterback onboarding for Petty.
  3. I'm on board for Petty as the backup but he is not a starting NFL qb because he scored a touchdown in the 3rd quarter of a preseason game.
  4. Geno is so bad..... Bowles has to see what we've got in Petty so we can think about getting rid of Geno. We know what we have in Geno and there's nothing there
  5. People are really bugging about the way our defense looks? We have had a top 10 defense every year for a decade.... We are going to be fine. WE DON'T GAMEPLAN IN THE PRE-SEASON!!!!!
  6. He's a NY Giant... They are a regular non-story, nobody likes to talk about them.. They're boring and fill their stadium with grandpas.
  7. Jet would destroy the Ravens...... That's absurd
  8. Disagree. If he had the potential to be a quality NFL starter he wouldn't be on the roster bubble or almost about to get sent to the practice squad........
  9. I wish I could grow a beard
  10. I can't wait to fight with and throw up on my fellow Jet fans!
  11. Must be terrible to have downgraded so far to the Giants defensive unit... but money makes everything better, I suppose. Good luck over there Snacks. Mangold looks forward to stuffing you at the Snoopy Bowl, sucker.
  12. He knows that he needs to suck up to the franchise quarterback. Smart kid.
  13. By all means! If we can grab a late round pick or a developmental OL from the 'Boys then lets pull that trigger.
  14. The Jets have a better team than the Bengals. I believe we are about even with the Bills and that our boys are going to be FIRED up for revenge. 2-0 here we come. Getting the Seahawks at home is a winnable game as well, although I don't see us pulling that one off.
  15. Geno lighting it up for the Jets and stiffing us to go onto win with another team would kill all of us and we know it. Screw Jimmy G
  16. Let's go! We are the team to beat this year!
  17. I think the Jets offensive line is fine going into the season. It is something that we will address next off-season via the draft and free agency.
  18. This Jets draft class is going to be a good one. Lee and Jenkins are going to put this defense over the top. Great notes KRL. Thanks as always!
  19. Without a doubt we can. We have cut some dead weight in Cromartie and Davis/Pace and gotten much faster and more athletic along all defensive fronts. Let's go!
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