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  1. Lol while Rex will go on to win a super bowl..... Omg
  2. I hate to say it but it's gonna be a long year. I went from a 10-6 prediction to 6-10 in one drive.
  3. I'd be much more interested in this story if IK hit him with a spin kick
  4. MAULDIN MAULDIN MAULDIN!!! The guy is an animal.
  5. Oh dear it's Manish and his unnamed sources again
  6. This team is built to make a playoff run. May the beard guide the way.
  7. Send Rex and IK to jail. Let's all chip in for a banner to fly over their practice guys
  8. Send Rex and IK to jail. Let's all chip in for a banner to fly over their practice guys
  9. Franchise quarterbacks don't get traded in training camp
  10. I know it's a big shock and some were thinking he can become something with Marshall and Co. at wide out.. but lets all remember it can't get any worse than Geno
  11. Throw it to his own team and manage the football effectively. Doing that will lead the Jets to 2-2 and will keep him as the starter for the rest of the season.
  12. The Jets are a good football team. 2-2 is the floor here. 3-1 if things break right against Philly or Indianapolis.
  13. Geno Smith, a professional NFL quarterback, got beat up over $600 .............. Come on dog
  14. It really is a shame that Geno is hurt. He was in a serious position to succeed this year with the amount of talent that the Jets have in place and Chan Gailey's system. With that said though lets not forget that he's widely regarded as the worst starting quarterback in football. The Jets should not see a significant drop off from Geno to Fitz and they'll be fine.
  15. Thank you Sheldon for making the "Pay Mo vs Pay Sheldon" argument easy. Mo gets the money and you can play out the rest of your rookie contract before becoming somebody elses headache... If you last that long in the league.
  16. This list sucks. The JETS are #1!!!!!!
  17. This Jets team is going to compete hard for the division... but probably end up settling for a wild card birth at 10-6. It's going to be a great year to be a Jets fan. It'll be awesome to be proud of our team for the first time since the 2010 season.
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