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  1. Judging by the candidates mentioned an the fanbase reaction to them, it seems that this is going to be a popular thought in Jetsland.
  2. He's a solid head coach. A little to bland for Woody and the Jets IMO but if he takes that stupid visor off then we might have a deal.
  3. Here we go... Rex to Buffalo to kill Geno Smith for ruining his NYJ career
  4. Rex should go to television this year and take the Giants job next year, where he will win 4 Superbowls.
  5. I want to see a live Rolling Stones concert every halftime. Wheelchairs and all.
  6. Matt Ryan is gonna be contacting a shrink thinking he is dreaming when he only has to score 6 points a game to win. Little does he know that it's very, very real. #RexD #DefenseWinsChampionships #RexWinsChampionships
  7. I think that Winston goes #1. He's just a better pro prospect than Mariota.. and that's coming from a guy that likes Mariota. Once the draft process gets really started I think Mariota's game getting picked apart (system, reads, etc.) along with the recent history of quarterbacks like him lately, Mariota will slide a little bit. Maybe only to Tennessee at #2, but he will fall out of the first pick. Winston has the "it" factor that a lot of quarterbacks don't have. Complete moron off the field but I think in the end he goes #1.
  8. Woody needs to get it together or else nobody is going to go on the Jets Cruise
  9. Looks like a good head coach who's thrilled to finally have a quarterback. Primed to win a Superbowl. #KingOfTheNFC
  10. Woody has hit a grand slam this off-season and I expect nothing more than continued excellence from the man. Carry on Woody.
  11. Of course he's the one hiring the head coach. He writes the paychecks...
  12. Of course he does. He's a good head coach and he's a perfect fit for Chicago and Atlanta. Anybody who didn't think this would happen is blind.
  13. Raider nation will love Eric Mangini. Nothing says pirates and stuff like a little chubby mute. (Disclaimer: I really liked Mangini)
  14. Wow, lots of haters here. Anybody who thinks Rex won't get another head coaching gig is insane.
  15. How old is Holmgren? The Jets need a coach who will come in and be the face of the franchise for 15 years. Similar to what we thought we had in Rex Ryan, only more winning seasons.
  16. One of 30 names being thrown out there. Complain if you hear his name as a finalist. Nothing to see here until then.
  17. If Woody gets this done it's a grand slam. Decosta seems to be the next big thing by all accounts.
  18. Was definitely impressed by what I saw of him during his limited playing time. Could definitely be a player for us
  19. This is something that a lot of Jet fans who are assuming we have no chance at Cooper are missing. Cooper is a player with game speed that relies very much on his route running. His 40 time is not going to be great for a potential top 5 wide receiver and could easily drop him out of the top 5. Especially since the Raiders are enamored with 40 times and bench press.
  20. Cooper at 6. If the Raiders take him then Brandon Scherff all the way, guy is an animal and would be a great heir to Mangold as the boss hog of the offensive line. The Jets will have the opportunity to jump Oakland via a trade up with the Jaguars. It shouldn't take too much to do it either considering it is only 3 spots.
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