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  1. Fair enough. With the knock on him coming into the draft was his injury history I assumed he had missed some kind of time throughout college.
  2. Super talented but couldn't stay on the field. Same as college.
  3. This isn't even close. Geno had his shot and completely embarrassed himself and the Jets organization. He can take his Sanchez-like mistakes to free agency. Cut Geno, sign Fitz. Either that or play Petty/Hackenberg.
  4. Everybody knows Fitz is coming back. They should chillax and enjoy themselves before camp.
  5. +1 This guy is going to be all over the field and shine early for us. Does everybody forget that he is playing behind one of the best d-lines in football? It gives him that much more flexibility to fly around. Can't wait to see what this defense looks like with a revamped linebacking corps.
  6. Love everything I just heard and read above about the guy. Welcome JJ!
  7. Who are the big third round prospects we need to be looking for? My head is still spinning from the Hack attack
  8. Have no worries, it's happening. The Jets have no illusions of starting Hackenberg this year apparently. Fitz will be back.
  9. B - I imagine they probably could have gotten him in the third.. but I respect Mac taking a shot on "his guy" that he apparently loved throughout this entire process
  10. Holy sh*t. That just happened... Word was that Mac loved this kid. At least he got "his guy"
  11. AShawn is just the kind of guy you want wearing your uniform. He looks like a bad man
  12. Be ready to be upset because I really don't think they take them here
  13. Everybody please stop spoiling the picks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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