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  1. It's clear at this point that Fitz is our guy. He will be back
  2. Thank you! And Darron Lee is 20 years old! The guys is going to fill out in a hurry once he gets into and NFL strength and conditioning program. He can easily be 240-245 by week 1.
  3. Rightfully so, Tunsil is a beast. I do feel that there is more to come out about him though. He's a top prospect, in order for him to fall that far there has to be more to his story than a 5 year old video of him smoking weed.
  4. Most of those players were long time Jets and/or players that are still on the team. You draft to get long time contributing football players that make your team better. In recent history the Jets have done well in the first round especially when drafting defense. Under Woody's ownership they haven't found a quarterback and that's not because we passed on any in the draft during the years when we were in the market. If Paxton Lynch turns into Aaron Rodgers then you have something to complain about.
  5. Spence, Spriggs, Whitehair, Cook
  6. 2 inches taller you are right. He's also 5 years older and way into an NFL strength and conditioning program. Lee can't gain 10 pounds? He can do that before the season easily...
  7. Spence all the way. Trade up a little bit if you have to. The guy is a killer.
  8. Yes, size wise Lee and Kuechly are very similar (Kuechly is an inch or two taller and 5 pounds heavier). If he doesn't get pushed around at that size why is everybody assuming that Lee is going to get thrown all over the place?
  9. Love Myles Jack but every single team in the league passed on Jack. Where there's smoke there's fire. There's obviously something to the knee injury, unfortunately..
  10. Everybody is getting caught up in measurables. The Jets took a good football player tonight. He produces, is constantly around the ball, and makes plays.
  11. The Jets have (HAD) a major hole at linebacker and overall defensive speed. Darron Lee fills that need. He can come in and be our Luke Kuechly, Thomas Davis, or Deone Buccanon... That sounds reactionary to you? How many times did we get beat by a running back embarrassing a linebacker? I can think of 2 games where that was a huge factor in us losing (Philly and first Buffalo game). This pick has been highly graded almost across the board.
  12. Get ready guys because we are taking Noah Spence tomorrow
  13. Gotta believe in Mac and Bowles's ability to judge talent. We wanted speed and we got it. Darron Lee can rush the passer.
  14. Coleman is a beast. Great pick by the Browns. If they can make some smart moves with all their picks they can turn this around in a hurry.
  15. Great move for Tannehill and the Dolphins. They are a bad team and need a lot of help, and Tannehill needed it. It's a shame that a video from high school pushed Tunsil down to 13.
  16. Lol, video is 5 years old? MAC: TRADE UP AND TAKE TUNSIL
  17. The Giants really never draft that well. What an awful pick.
  18. Please please please let Tunsil or Jack fall to 20
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