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  1. This is not the Miami Dolphins. We do not pay quarterbacks 20mil to miss the playoffs. Peace out Fitz! Trade for Glennon, play Petty, draft your guy Mac... Whatever you wanna do (as long as it's not Geno)
  2. My gut says Corey Coleman - WR - Baylor
  3. "#1 D IN THE LEAGUE!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! KILL TOM BRADY!!!!"
  4. Nightmare scenario is about to ensue. The Jets won't trade him because they can't net a 1st rounder - Mo won't budge on contracts and won't sign because he feels disrespected - he leaves next year and we get nothing. Trade the ******* guy for a second, at this point he's just got to go.
  5. I agree with the OP, I would love to see what Amaro can do.. but I think the most telling sign on Amaro's future is that he was running with the third team during training camp before getting hurt if I remember correctly. He may not get his shot, but we will see.
  6. If he is the same player as Joe Flacco then you trade up to get him. Joe Flacco isn't elite by any means but he is a very good starting quarterback that has proven to have clutch in him and has won a Superbowl. No brainer if you ask me. EDIT: As long as he shaves that stupid pirate thing off his face.
  7. I'd run to the podium if Jack is there at 20. Hell I'd even consider a trade up if he slides past 10
  8. Brady is looking at Pete Rose type of fate. Say goodbye to your cheating hero.
  9. Move him to the Jags for their early second if nobody wants to cough up a first. It's getting to the point where he is gone no matter what. Just get something for him.
  10. ABGFSM Anybody But Geno For Short Money
  11. The Patriots were going to go 0-4 with Tammy at quarterback anyway so who GAF?
  12. Trade Mo to the Bears - take lynch at 11. Take best OL at 20.
  13. Great physical specimen, rocket arm, great runner... dumb as a rock. Sounds like a former West Virginia quarterback that we all love.
  14. I don't really know why they'd want one. Tyrod Taylor is a safe middle of the road quarterback.. exactly what Rex wants. If Rex and the Bills want to take a first round quarterback and let Tyrod go I would love to have him on the Jets.
  16. Will the Browns turn around and flip next years first for Mike Glennon? #TheFuture
  17. They could also see potential in RGIII at quarterback. I think this is a good trade for the Browns... Get out of the perpetual cycle they are in by drafting first round bust quarterbacks (which is the most likely case) and build a team from the ground up. They gained a ton and only moved back 6 spots. I think that's a major win for Cleveland (wait, what?)...
  18. Jets should look into moving their 4th for Glennon on draft day if they do not decide to trade up/re-sign Fitz.
  19. +1 ..and that's not the worst thing in the world. If we got our starting qb back at our price and replaced Geno with Hoyer I think that is a successful off-season for us at the qb position.
  20. Fitz has 3 options: A. Start for the NYJ and make 7-10 mil for the season B. Back-up any other team at QB and make 2-4 mil a season C. Retire ....up to him but the choice seems pretty obvious to me. If you want to play football this year, you take what Mac is offering you. It's way more than you will get anyplace else.
  21. I'd break dance in the middle of my street if we got Spence in the second
  22. The Jets will need to get out of the first 6 games at 3-3. IF we get some quarterback play I don't see why anybody would think that we can't beat Cincinnati (bad offseason, lost a lot of talent), Buffalo, Seattle (in our house), Kansas City. Pittsburgh and Arizona are very good to great football teams next season and we're on the road against them so I understand the negativity there. At first glance the schedule looks terrible... but the Jets were a 10-6 football team last year who really started to hit their stride after the midway mark. There's no reason why we can't continue some upward climb with Bowles at the helm.
  23. Absolutely, at this point it seems like Mo is gone no matter what. A second and third, although not a first, isn't peanuts and Mac could do some damage with it. Maybe even package our threes to move back up into the second and pick up three starters in the second round.
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