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  1. We struck gold with Mac and Bowles. They're gonna be here and successful for a long time.
  2. If the guy never played another down after his initial injury, he'd still be set for life if he managed his money right. That's wild
  3. Yeah, a season ending injury in mini camp before his first year and negative publicity (deserved or not) before his second is not exactly an ideal way to kickstart your NFL journey...
  4. Safe to say this guy has had a rocky start to his career.
  5. Just more money for the Jets to sign their own players with. Mac could easily get around 35 mil in cap space with a couple of more cuts and a restructure here and there.
  6. With Cro cut, Gang Green is sitting at 21 mil under the cap. Cutting Breno, Kerley, and Cumberland would put us close to 30mil under the cap. Re-structuring D'Brick could have us sitting in a position to sign back all of our boys AND a top tier free agent.
  7. C-Ya then.... He's got to actually do it before he gets paid like that.
  8. Fitz was sacked something less than 20 times last season? I know Fitz and his awareness has a lot to do with that but I don't know how you could call that below average...
  9. Lamar Miller would be the perfect pickup for Chan Gailey's offense. He's a deadly threat out of the backfield and an effective runner who suffered from being a part of the Dolphins the last few years. Ivory is probably a goner so he'd fit a big need. In the right system I think he could be really effective and with the way Gailey started using Powell towards the end of the year, Miller could be a perfect fit.
  10. The Jets had a very above average offensive line this season. Who cares if they're old or not?
  11. All in on Jaylon Smith. If he slips into the teens I would consider moving up for him. The Jets don't have a lot of holes and Smith is a franchise changing type of talent if he bounces back from his injury.
  12. Guy was pretty much the Jets defensive MVP halfway through the year but he was a failure..... This list sucks
  13. Tom Brady without cheating: 0 Superbowl appearances Wal Mart greeter
  14. This team is ready to make that jump. Once Bowles and Co. got their systems fully in place and rolling the Jets looked like an elite team as we reached the post season. It didn't work but we have something special here. I can't wait to get this season started.
  15. Football does not begin and end with at the quarterback position. I hate the argument of "nothing matters if you don't have a quarterback". Championships are won by complete football teams. While it's true that the quarterback is important and plays a larger role, they are just a part of that winning puzzle.
  16. Cam has had an incredible year and the future looks bright for him. What he did this year with little to no talent on his offense past Olsen was awesome. I wish he was on the Jets. With that said - this should be a lesson to him that if he wants to clown other teams and dab all over the place then he better stay winning... because when he embarrasses himself the way he did last night, all that dabbing will come back to haunt him. He's the clown now.
  17. The Panthers weren't prepared to play big boy football... Cam folded like a lawn chair. I couldn't be happier to watch the showboaters choke and Peyton finish with another Superbowl win (hopefully he'll go out on top). The AFC wins again.
  18. Would hate to lose him - but if there's any team that you want to be talking trade with the Raiders are definitely one of them. Take everything from them Mac!
  19. Of course they're not. The Jets have their quarterback.
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