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  1. Hi guys, how do you think the Patriots will cheat today?
  2. Revis/Skrine at #1 and Cromartie at #2, Milliner and McDougle as #3 and #4. Line up with that at cornerback and the Jets will have one of the best defenses in football.
  3. The same reason he signed with the Patriots in the first place, and no it's not to win... it's $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  4. I'm really enjoying these 'NFL runway hosts' they have down there. They're very fashionable. Simply fabulous.
  5. This is embarrassing for the NFL. What the hell am I watching?
  6. You guys would seriously pass on Brandon Marshall to "build through the draft"? The obsession with having young players at every position is stupid. Marshall is a great wide receiver. Not to mention he's better than anybody we have and would really complete the unit. As long as he's not grossly overpaid why would anybody be against it? You can't have young superstars at every position. Every team needs their veterans. I would use the same argument if Larry Fitz hits free agency.
  7. This would be an unreal signing if it happened. The New York Jets with an elite receiving corp.. Am I in the twilight zone?
  8. I'm really interested in how the Patriots will find a way to break the rules and not get punished for it this time. Can they possibly get away with bending the rules three weeks in a row to complete the playoff trifecta? Stay tuned folks.
  9. This is a no brainer. Idzik should've never let him go to Arizona in the first place
  10. He thinks he's the Patriots owner and can do whatever he wants. And why wouldn't he? The Pats have been cheating and getting away with it for over a decade. Time to break the cycle and protect your brand Roger.
  11. Considering the Jets are probably going to be looking at QB in round 2 anyway I would give up my 2nd for him.
  12. Iupati, Foles, Cooper, and Spiller in one off-season? Add a big-time signing at cornerback and this team is set.
  13. It's amazing how the rest of the world now sounds like "sour Jet fans", saying the same things that Jet fans have known and been saying for so many years.
  14. How can they even let Brady and Belichick back in the NFL??? How many times do you need to be caught cheating before you are banned from the NFL? The Pats* are lucky that Goodell and Kraft are BFFs or else the franchise would most likely be removed from the NFL. Pathetic.
  15. Clown of a coach for a clown of a team. The circus is coming to the Superbowl. It must really make Patriot* fans upset to find out that the last 15 years of their life has been a lie.
  16. So sick of this conversation. Anxiously awaiting the removal of the Patriots franchise from the NFL so we can all move on with our lives and concentrate on Rex Ryan.
  17. Let's put up a billboard outside the stadium
  18. If the ball was inflated properly we all know that it would not have bounced right into the Patriots arms every time.
  19. Wow, look at Brady and Belichick squirm back that. Something is up, big-time. The Pats organization is going to be crushed by this
  20. This is without a doubt true. With a good quarterback this team is playoff bound
  21. Maccagnan is 100x the speaker than Idzik was. I expect big things from him
  22. Send him to Guantanamo Bay. What he did to the Jets is inexcusable.
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