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  1. Jaylon Smith is going to be a superstar. No way do the Jets pass up on him for a running back.
  2. The Patriots don't win the superbowl when they can't cheat? No way!
  3. He deserved it. The New York JETS are trending up, big-time. It's a great time to be a Jets fan!
  4. Case closed. The Panthers are not a better franchise because they're in an incredibly easy division. When the Panthers get blown out by the Pats then maybe these fairweather Panther fans can see what the Jets have had to deal with every season for the last 15 years.
  5. Send the whole Pats team to prison. Every last one of them! Call it proactive policing.. Every one of them ends up cheating or breaking the law sooner or later.
  6. I think the most economically sound decision is to keep Snacks for a fraction of the money that Mo wants and let Mo walk. It sucks but I think we can live without Wilk.
  7. The Giants look like a lost franchise right now. They're lucky that they play in the NFC East.
  8. Brady needs to take it easy on him in the bedroom.
  9. Oh man... The team MVP is dropping knowledge. I would've went with 2-14, 4-12 with Geno is generous - but at least it would've led us to Jared Goff or Paxton Lynch.
  10. His new team is going to love his motivation.
  11. Fitz - the chemistry that he's built with Marshall and Decker is undeniable. I would consider trading for a guy like Mettenberger or Glennn or drafting one if the coaching staff isn't buying into Petty. If one of those guys clearly outplays Fitz then great but Fitz should be the guy going forward unless somebody forces him out.
  12. I wonder how many Primanti's sandwiches fat Rex would have eaten?
  13. That's a really rough demand for Rex. 2 better teams in the division and the AFC East schedule next year is gonna be really tough. Looks like he'll be out of a coaching job next year..
  14. Are we REALLY still talking about Geno Smith? I'm looking forward to when he's cut in the next few months. Fitz is the guy going forward. That doesn't mean we stop looking for our Peyton Manning in the draft - but everybody can rest easy knowing that we have our quarterback for next season... for once. That is assuming we re-up Fitz, which I don't see any reason why we wouldn't.
  15. Don't sleep on us!!!! Let's roll! Loved Marshall's reaction to that touchdown.
  16. The Jets are going to crush these Bills 27-13
  17. Bowles is the man. No B.S.
  18. It's amazing that a team that seemed so talented and trending upward could gain Rex Ryan and manage to turn into a dysfunctional mess with a losing record in just one season. ...wait no it's not.
  19. ESPN is right. The Jets are a red hot, complete football team with a top five defense, lethal weapons on offense, and an MVP candidate at quarterback. This team is ready to make a superbowl run and anybody that is unfortunate enough to have to face these juggernauts better be prepared to be punched right in the taint. Go Jets!
  20. Cincinatti - how great would it feel to start our playoff run with revenge against Houston?
  21. This Jets team is rolling. We should absolutely destroy a Bills team that is in disarray. It's hard to see the Jets losing to anybody at this point.
  22. The JETS look like the best team in the AFC today
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