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  1. Big if! The Cowboys are catching one of the hottest teams in football that is running on all cylinders paving their way to a playoff birth. They have a lot to worry about with them New York Jets. Their season ends on Saturday!
  2. Looking forward to him getting his 11th win of the season #FitzNation
  3. This is a team that the Jets should handle with ease and win by double digit points. The Cowboys can protect the quarterback and rush the passer, passed that there is nothing that will concern the Jets.
  4. That game still kills me. By far the toughest loss to swallow of the season. We should be 9-4.
  5. The Jets are back to their 4-1 form. This team is going to be rolling going into the playoffs. Nobody wants to play this team right now.
  6. The Jets made their statement. This team is going to the playoffs and will refuse to be denied. Jets 37 Titans 13 ...and expect more like these going forward. The Jets are for real.
  7. The Jets are gonna have a lot of money to spend in free agency again, no? If they can't get a proven sack artist then I would love to see Jaylon Smith in green and white.
  8. I would have no problem having Fitz start at quarterback for the Jets next season. In fact, if he continues his play and the Jets make the playoffs, he's earned it. Sit Petty and groom him the right way, if Mac doesn't see him as the future then take a look at quarterbacks in the draft this year and next year.. The Jets are actually in a pretty decent position at quarterback for once.
  9. I can't think of a Jets team that has been this likable and easy to root for in years! Marshall is a class act and without a doubt one of my favorite Jets.
  10. Jets need to go 3-1. I think the Jets handle the Titans and Cowboys without much of a problem.. we're coming with a lot of momentum. New England is a toss up. I think this game comes down to JETS vs REX Part II. Winner goes to the playoffs at 10-6, loser goes home.
  11. Are the Jets chasing the Pats, or are the Pats running from the Jets? They're never going to come into our house and win. The Pats better pick their game up or they're gonna be the wildcard team this year. There's a new sheriff in town and his name is Todd Bowles.
  12. I hope everybody that sat around here bashing Fitz for months is starting to feel a little dumb. A quarterback with brains and heart > a quarterback without both The Jets have waited for a quarterback like Fitz for years and it's awesome to finally have him around. He's not the long term answer and who knows how short his time will be here considering his age... but while he is here we will FINALLY be able to count on the fact that our quarterback will give us solid/steady play and he will leave his heart and soul on the field every single game. I couldn't be happier to have our max 6 win qb.
  13. GREAT ******* WIN!!!! Two teams in Tennessee and Dallas that are just no good are up next. Let's get the wins and head into the home stretch at 9-5. LET'S GO JETS!!
  14. Damn.. that's too bad. I really wanted to see the Rolling Stones again.
  15. Pryor is a killer. Can't wait to see if OBJ can make those fancy boy one handed grabs with no head.... #OurCity
  16. I don't really see much of a rivalry at all. What I do notice is a lot of Giant fans my age (mid 20's) that have a lot of animosity towards the Jets for stealing the headlines (for better or for worse) during the Rex era. The Jets have always been the center of attention in New York football, not the Giants... that rubs a lot of Giant fans that I know the wrong way. Personally I don't have any negative feelings towards the Giants, they're a good franchise.. but they are just another team that we play twice a decade. Nothing to see here. The Patriots are the New York Jets rival (maybe the Dolphins too if you remember when they were good).
  17. Win at least 9 games or this season is a fail. 8-8 after starting 4-1 is unacceptable.
  18. Make him have to beat double and triple coverage all day. The Giants have nobody else. They're a one trick offense.
  19. He knows he's a goner after what the Jets are about to do to his beloved G-Men
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